Javed Akhtar Just Hated On The Azaan, And Everyone's Like “Haye Tauba”

By Arslan Athar | 9 Feb, 2018

So, remember that time when Sonu Nigam announced to the Twitter-verse that the azaan needs to not to be played on loudspeakers. People were obviously furious, and thankfully the heat around the topic died down….until Javed Akhtar touched upon it yesterday!

Akhtar, a renowned screenwriter and poet, took to twitter and announced that he agreed with Sonu Nigam. 

People were quite done the topic coming up again and again 

Other Muslims in India were pretty upset by Akhtar’s tweet

And well, Javed Akhtar was quick to respond

There were people who agreed too 

Lekin generally people were just angry 

Character assassinations were in order (as always).

People wondered if this was ACTUALLY Javed Akhtar

A war on loudspeakers was declared

Finally, people wondered ke kya Akhtar sahab boorhay hogaye hai

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