Jemima Just Slammed Imran Khan For His Statement About The Reason For Rising Rape In Pakistan

By Aam Nawab | 7 Apr, 2021

Jemima coming at Imran Khan for his terrible opinions

It is no secret that Pakistan is a deeply misogynistic society. Men have found it easier to blame women for all things that they’ve themselves done wrong. Men have also found it easier to police women and their bodies than try to check their own behavior when it has come to cases of rising sexual violence. In a society like this , it is no surprise when the top leadership says similarly misogynistic things but thanks to so many women activists, the time is now gone when such comments were made without retribution.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was asked about the rising cases of rape in Pakistan and he decided to blame it on fahaashi


Naturally, people were pissed off at his reductive argument

Although it isn’t surprising that a man who has continued to make misogynistic statements and be hypocritical about the dichotomy of his personal life and public opinions, people were quick to point out that such statements by the Prime Minister of the country will embolden misogynistic rhetoric even further.


Women, children and sexual minorities already suffer and statements like these coming from the Prime Minister don’t serve in any way to help make this country a safer place for them.


People tried to educate Imran Khan about his terrible opinions

Even usual fans of the Prime Minister were disappointed in his statement and his deeply misogynistic ideology when it comes to sexual violence in Pakistan.


One such person is Jemima Goldsmith who is disappointed in the words of Imran Khan

Jemima, the former first wife of Mr. Khan, was quick to slam the troubling words that he uttered.


Not only that, Jemima went on to share how the Imran Khan she knew was a completely different man


Of course, fans of the Prime Minister were quick to give clarifications to Jemima about what Imran Khan really meant


But many were thankful to her for speaking up about the terrible choice of words Mr. Khan had made when he shared his opinions LIVE on NATIONAL TELEVISION


It’s no secret that Imran Khan is not a progressive person, at least when it comes to gender dynamics in this country. His statements time and again, his association with alleged harassers, his Government continuing to ignore sexual violence are all evidence as to what he truly may believe in, as a person. One had hopes that he would probably learn to keep his personal opinions separate from his public office and do the right thing.


This Is How Many Women in Pakistan Believe Marital Rape Is Their Own Fault

Pakistan, We Need to Talk About The R-Word. Rape.


Cover image: / Mohammad Ismail via Reuters

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