These Kaala Jaadu Websites In Pakistan Are A Major Mindfuck, If You're Looking For One

By Ather Ahmed | 8 Sep, 2017

These days you can do anything online. You can get food delivered without talking to someone. You can buy a car, a house and in some countries, a spouse, even. Don’t know what song is playing on the radio? Shazam that shit, brah. Can’t decide which restaurant to hit up? The internet is your friend. There are apps and sites for all kinds of stuff.

Oh and one more thing. You can also do kaala jaadu and stuff.


Yup, thanks to the internet, kaala jaadu websites have popped up and are being run with no control or regulation


It’s like your very own online aamil baba. The website is the most bizarre shit you’ll see on the interwebs.  The aesthetics could use some work, though. It feels like something from the 90’s. The homepage is basically an introduction of what kind of services are offered. With some trashy dark synth pop playing in the back, you see pictures with occult symbolism. On top of them, you see all the areas the person behind the site specializes in. There’s even a guarantee by the website owners.


There is a lot of focus on getting your love life in order through the use of black magic and there are videos, too

I am not shitting you. There are full-fledged ritual recipes to make someone fall in love with you. You can either perform a whole ritual or make a taweez.

It’s scary, creepy and pathetic at the same time. Other than that, there are whole books available on the internet that discuss different types of kaala jaadu techniques.


And there’s not just one website that pushes kaala jaadu

Another site has straight up voodoo stuff happening. Like, full on tutorials to make voodoo dolls and taweez to mind-fuck other people. Just the thought of it will give you chills.


Considering that the authorities have been on a crackdown on objectionable material on the internet, it is surprising that these sites exist

Not only are the websites are out in the open, people who specialize in these services have posted their numbers on the internet. There are dedicated pages on Facebook. Heck, if you go to Google Maps you have pinned locations that say kaala jaadu to attract evil-minded folks.

We condemn sexual stuff on the internet but we don’t realize that there’s stuff that can actually lead people down a negative path.

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