Pakistanis Are Angry After India Isn't Showing The Same Friendship For Kartarpur Corridor Ceremony

By Noor | 28 Nov, 2018

It was decided earlier to build a Kartarpur corridor for Sikh pilgrims. Today, Imran Khan has layed the foundation stone for the corridor. A very warm gesture was shown by the Pakistani government as it wholeheartedly invited Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj for the Kartarpur corridor ceremony. Initially, there were rumors about the Indian government rejecting the invite but Sushma Swaraj cleared the misunderstanding.


Indian minister Sushma Swaraj thanked the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi for the invitation before rejecting it and sending two other ministers in her place

She also clarified the misinterpretation done by the Indian Media.


An invitation was sent to Navjot Sidhu too and he appreciated the steps taken by the countries towards the people-oriented foreign policy

He further explained that this corridor is going to lead towards a future of shared peace and prosperity for both the countries.


The ceremony to lay the foundation for Kartarpur Corridor was conducted today and lots of people are very happy about it

Sikh community all around the world are overjoyed to be able to visit one of the holiest sites in their religion, without any hassle. It is also being hailed as Pakistan extending their hand for peaceful relations between the two neighboring countries.


People were appreciating the steps by Pakistan and said that Imran Khan has given new meaning to ‘rising above barriers’


It was even hailed as the best foreign policy move Pakistan has ever made

LOL okay, itna bhi nahi ab.


The ceremony was seen as a gesture of peace and cooperation


BUT, a statement contradictory to the peace was issued by Indian media

Sushma Swaraj not only blamed Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism but also said that even Kartarpur corridor project will not  necessarily lead to the restoration of the talks, as Pakistan was continually harping about earlier today.



People were not really happy with the Indian statement

They have become particularly confused If India ‘really’ wants peace.


They also said that since talks and terror can’t go hand in hand, India should stop sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir and Balochistan


People were pretty angry with the Indian attitude

Invitation to Kartarpur ceremony was not just an invite to a ‘ceremony’ but it was a little step taken towards peace and it was a hope for many who wanted to see a peaceful south Asian region.

So what do you think? Has Indian reaction about SAARC ruined the Pakistani effort for peace or there is still some hope left? Let us know in the comments below.


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