Kevin Pietersen Just Brutally Roasted Ahmad Shahzad On Insta Live & People Have Lots Of Thoughts About It

By Maryam Malik | 31 Mar, 2020

Kevin Pietersen and Ahmad Shahzad went live and things turned awkward real quick

Don’t know if this is genuinely entertaining or if quarantine boredom has lowered everyone’s standards but the infamous Pakistani cricketer Ahmad Shahzad was trending on social media once again last night for being trolled by Kevin Pietersen.

Before people take this to heart, the two cricketers are friends in real life. Ahmad has been in a bad spell recently when it comes to his performance and has become the butt of many a jokes and criticism. Last night he was seen on Instagram live with Kevin Pietersen. Kevin is a former cricketer who played for England from 2004 to 2014 and signed to play Pakistan Super League 2020 for Quetta Gladiators.

So, Kevin Pietersen asked Ahmad Shahzad some questions that left the Pakistani cricketer feeling a little… ummm… awkward


Kevin really dragged Ahmad and he wasn’t subtle about it AT ALL


Naturally people had a major reaction toward the interaction between Kevin Pietersen and Ahmad Shahzad

A lot of people thought Ahmad deserved what came to him. Given his recent performance in quite a few chances that he has been given of late, Ahmad doesn’t have a lot of fans to cheer for him during this rather prolonged dry spell of his.


People seem starved for entertainment during this lockdown and they felt Kevin really brought that with his brutal dragging of Shahzad


On the other hand, some people did notice that the tone used by Kevin Pietersen might have come across as a little mean


People are defending Ahmad because this straight up feeds into the bullying culture that is rampant, particularly toward Ahmad

While there were those who didn’t get why such a big deal was being made out of a little friendly banter between friends, some were concerned about the fact that Kevin said all that on such a public platform.


But most of them praised Ahmad Shahzad for keeping his calm and not retaliating in the same way

Given that Ahmad has opened up about his struggles with mental health issues in the past that have stemmed from his fluctuating performance, it wouldn’t hurt to show some sensitivity toward the Pakistani cricketer. It is important to understand that people at the receiving end of all the trolling are also humans especially if they’ve already revealed their struggles with the thing that they’re being trolled for.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Kevin rightfully dragged Ahmad or do you think he was being too rude? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via: @kp24 / Instagram

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