LOL, Sonu Nigam Just Bashed Indian Media For Their “Childish” Coverage Of The India-Pakistan Situation

By Sajeer Shaikh | 2 Mar, 2019

Sonu Nigam is an interesting man. First of all, he’s always got something to say – which, I mean, who doesn’t? His opinions make headlines because of their… uh, intriguing nature.


For instance, he once said he wished he was a Pakistani, just so that he could get offers from India.

At another time, he said he’d stand up for the Pakistani anthem. He was reported to have said:

“If the national anthem of Pakistan is played and all Pakistanis are standing, I will also stand out of respect for that country and those people If I am a good and understanding person I will stand up for the national anthem of any country.”

Source: The Indian Express

Amazing. Kinda sweet, actually.

But he’s also the same dude who once complained about the azaan…which he seemed to also make up for…?

Bhai thoray confused se lagte hain. Par khair. 

Well, now, Sonu Nigam is back in the limelight for bashing Indian media.

Basically, given how there have been instances where the Indian media is essentially twisting things around to fit their narrative where India emerges as the “powerful” giant, Sonu decided to address this very issue while conversing with the same media.

Source: Bollywood Now

In a video that’s been making the rounds, Sonu is seen to start off by saying, “Patakhe mat bajaya karo.”

Source: Bollywood Now

He then goes on to ridicule the way certain outlets react as soon as something happens. Moreover he talks about how certain people keep tweeting things, enraging the other side.

Source: Bollywood Now

“This is very stupid of Indians ke hum log aisay karte hain ke bache ban jaate hain,” he states.

Source: Bollywood Now

He goes on to say that a good nation conducts itself in a respectful manner. 

Source: Bollywood Now

“Humare marein ya unke marein, hain toh kisi ke bache.”

Source: Bollywood Now

I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Sonu more. He seems to be the voice of reason here and he’s not afraid to say things as they are. And it’s true. Riling people up, immaturely reporting things by blowing them out of proportion or by twisting the way things are done doesn’t benefit either nation.

You can watch the video here:

The interview is truly pretty great because he’s saying something a lot of people don’t understand – war is not the answer. War is destruction and bloodshed and must be avoided at all costs. And that can’t happen if either of the two countries acts in an immature manner. There is no celebration when it comes to war. There is no pride in being at the brink of war.

In such trying times, we must remember to be twice as patient and tolerant, for the remaining option is not a viable option, to begin with. What do you guys think of this interview? Let me know in the comments.


Sonu Nigam Just Said He Wished He Was Pakistani Because He’s Jobless And Indians Are Wishing Him Goodbye


Sonu Nigam Just Said He Would Stand Up For The Pakistani Anthem And Indians Are Losing It

Cover image via Bollywood Now/YouTube

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