Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 15th October – 21st October

By Maliha Khan | 15 Oct, 2018

“Love is not something you just feel, it is something you do.” Well, let’s see what you can possibly do or not do this week when it comes to your love life, according to your horoscope.


You and your partner are used to being independent and financially stable. This week may require you or your partner to rely on the other, which is something completely foreign in your relationship. Being in a relationship means the two of you need to work together and in harmony in order to get back on your feet. Don’t allow financial instability to be the source of a fight.



You have not felt happy in your relationship for a while. This can be due to an underlying issue that you have not seemed to confront or a recurring issue that always seems to come back. The universe may have different plans for your relationship than you would have hoped but it might just be time to face the truth.



This week you definitely have each other’s back. Whether one of you is ill or just needs some extra help, you will really show each other the type of support that needs to exist in every relationship. Just in case you are single, this week might be a good time to visit an old flame and see if things are worth revisiting because it may be different this time around.



Do not make rash decisions this week, because you are only setting yourself up for failure. Be patient and allow time to help you figure out where you stand in a relationship. If you haven’t been having the easiest time in your relationship, give it time to heal. Fast and uncalculated decisions never work out in anyone’s favor.



Living with another individual is always hard and can be very challenging. That is the issue at hand in your relationship and every discussion turns into a fight, which is not a healthy way to deal with situations like these. Learning to share space and giving each other space at the right times is very important and something to consider when it finally comes down to sitting like mature adults and having a conversation about this issue.



The past is something you can’t seem to get past and it is taking a toll on you in the present. Learning from the past is different from living in the past. Take the lessons you have learned from your past and use them in your relationship today. Do not hold grudges because love is too precious for that.



You are so used to being passionate, fighting and arguing is a very rare action in your relationship. This week will be a tough one for you. Whether you are starting to feel used or undervalued by your partner, letting go is not an option. Talk it out with your partner, do not give up.



Think carefully before you speak this week. You will seem to be saying the wrong things when you do try to convey how you are feeling. This might be the ideal time for a break from each other. Spend quality time with friends and family rather than getting into arguments with your significant other.



You have been feeling sad and lonely for a while now, but discussing your true feelings might end your relationship. You want to be happy and stay with your partner but the way things are going does not seem like they are going in the right direction. So it is time to make a decision – should you speak the truth or keep it bottled inside?



Your friends are typically the first people you turn to in times of need rather than relying on your partner. This week you will realize you need your partner way more than you had previously thought. It is time to put some faith in your relationship and trust them to be there for you.



This is not the ideal week for couples, so let’s focus on the single Aquarius folks out there. Take the leap of faith and go on that first date you have been thinking about. Ask your crush and see where it goes. You can’t make any of the shots you don’t take.



You love your partner and you have been through thick and thin with this person. You are aware of how different the two of you are, and it only seems to come in the way occasionally. When it does come in the way, you are quick to brush it to the side, but this time is different. The two of you can’t seem to be on the same page to save your lives and it is just not going to work out how you may want it to.


This seems to be a challenging week for almost everyone. Hopefully, next week is a little better as far as your love life is concerned! Are you ready to tackle what lies ahead?


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