Struggles You Face When Diet Coke Is Your Better Half

By Haadia Paracha | 10 Sep, 2017

Wesay tou Coke over Pepsi, any day every day. Sorry if you disagree, I don’t even care if you do. But when push comes to yummy fizzy drinks with my samosa, the choice is and always will be my baby diet coke. I can’t pizza without it. I can’t biryani without it. And sometimes, I can’t human without it either.

Are you hopelessly in love and somewhat addicted to diet coke? This one’s ONLY for you:


1. Your hearts skips a beat whenever you hear the smooth pop of the can

2. All the love ballads suddenly start to make sense: “Kya karoon haye. Kuch Kuch hota hay”

3. The fizz that gets stuck in your throat for just a millisecond

Diet coke
Source: Mirror

4. The satisfying burp

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Is this the real life, or is this fantasy?


5. You get extremely disappointed at restaurants and stores that don’t have the diet one available 


6. The very obvious mix-up between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi is legit your horror story each and every one of your eat-out expedition

Source: someecards

7. You fall in love with anyone who remembers your preference when ordering for you


8. You can’t digest any food without its perfect companion.

Diet Coke
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9. You don’t understand how people can drink the regular one, it makes you cringe


10. People joking about you pairing the Diet Coke with a big fat burger and you’re like, that’s not even why I OD on it so much.

Diet Coke
Source: Just Media

“It just tastes better, you guys.”

11. That moment of ABSOLUTE HORROR when you pop it open and out comes a DISASTER

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12. Nothing can hurt you more when they forget you specified “DIET” when ordering your coke for home delivery


13. But sometimes, your inner-self knows at least you’re not having ALL THOSE calories.

Source: Abdullah Tariq Via: Google+

Love you, diet coke.


14. You feel a little hurt everytime someone says it tastes flat 


Your regular coke tastes like SYRUP OKAY


15. Nothing can brighten up your day like finding a forgotten diet coke somewhere in your house 


16. When shaadis don’t have diet coke your heart breaks a little 


17. You get frustrated at people who compare it with regular coke say “Same hi cheez hai yaar” 




18. When people tell you how diet coke is even more harmful then the regular one you’re like “I prefer to die a zero calorie death” 



19. You can concentrate better when you’re drinking diet coke


20. You just love how it makes you feel


Tag a friend who can’t live without diet coke.

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