Here's How Last Night's Lunar Eclipse Could Have Affected Your Zodiac Sign

By Hurmat Riaz | 8 Aug, 2017

Last night’s lunar eclipse left many people mesmerized by the beauty of it. It was a partial lunar eclipse, starting around 8:50 pm and ending at 12:50 am. While many people spent the night photographing the moon, astrologers spent the night studying the celestial body being shadowed by the Earth and how this phenomenon affected our zodiac.

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If you’ve been feeling extra emotional or looney, then you can simply blame it on the moon. Apart from that, here’s how each zodiac got influenced by the moon:


1. Capricorn

Possible major change: *going to face some challenges at work*

You may encounter something new at work and financial dealings. Take care of your money, health and relationships because you’re going to be tested there psychologically.



2. Aquarius

Possible major change: *can have new, inspiring thoughts*

As this lunar eclipse occurred in Aquarius, your emotions are heightened so you’ll experience personal matters more closely and emotionally. Since it’s a fully charged moon these days, you may have new thoughts about someone or something you feel connected to these days. So to keep the beetle at bay, just think twice and with your head before making a decision.



3. Pisces

Possible major change: *might have to be decisive about something important*

It’s a good time for reflection and alone time. There’s also a chance that you’ll have to make a decision about something important. So when the time comes, reflect over your choices and then go with your instinct because it might give you the best outcome.



4. Aries

Possible major change: *easy peasy, life’s good*

This eclipse has brought contentment, harmony and inner peace. When others are being hot headed, you’ll be sailing around like it’s no biggie. So, enjoy this time by taking everything nice and slow.



5. Taurus

Possible major change: *be prepared for some obstacles*

Yikes! Avoid selfishness and greed because it might make you moody and influence your decisions. As you’re a fixed sign and you usually enjoy stability, you might get challenged at some points but you can wade through them if you lay low.



6. Gemini

Possible major change: *might face important issues*

Since you’ve the ability to adapt easily, this eclipse might make you stand in front of some of the important issues of your life. So instead of jumping to conclusions and going without logic, give it some time before making a decision. It’ll work out eventually. You might experience how you feel about that issue which is a good sign.



7. Cancer

Possible major change: *might have to face money matters*

Since you are already the emotional kid on the block, you might experience some sort of new realizations that will help you manage your emerging issues in money matters. As you’re already governed by the moon, the changes you make in your intimate relationships will effect your upcoming days. So take each step carefully.



8. Leo

Possible major change: *mood swings await you*

You might experience mood swings as you’re a fixed sign. So instead of being impatient and jumping around aggravating your mood, just take things slow. As this eclipse was in Aquarius which is your exact opposite, you might feel a pull against your regular current, leaving you overwhelmed. So, take a deep breath and let this time pass quietly as it’s already not in your favor right now.



9. Virgo

Possible major change: *overwhelmed feelings await you*

You might get stressed out because of the looming deadlines waiting ahead of you. Emotions and demands, both are on the high paradigm but this will also give you an insight to make a head on decision, making your life improve in the upcoming days.



10. Libra

Possible major change: *new romance coming your way*

This partial lunar eclipse will bring something new in your love life and as the moon has already put you high on emotions, your flooded feelings will influence your decisions and in everything will change as a result. But a general feeling of peace and tranquility can help you run your life smoothly.



11. Scorpio

Possible major change: *steer clear, turning points ahead*

As you’re also a fixed sign, feelings that you’ve been avoiding might surface no matter how hard you try to ignore them. This might seem hard to deal with but this’ll lead you to improve your career, reputation, home and family. In the long run, you’ll get a clear sight and direction for important decisions in life and take control.



12. Sagittarius

Possible major change: *spontaneity is your mantra these days*

You might feel impulsive and highly emotional during the eclipse but working through these emotions will help you find new things about yourself. Promotion might also occur. Keeping yourself open to your surroundings will help you experience new things.



Whether this eclipse affected you or not, stay happy and smiling because that is what life is all about.

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