This Man Openly Threatened Transgenders Upon Release After He Was Arrested For Violence Against Them

By Aam Nawab | 29 Sep, 2017

Pakistanis have long hesitated to show kindness towards the transgender community.

Transgenders have always dealt with ridicule, rebuke and rampant harassment in our society. As unfortunate as it is, we fail repeatedly to give them the respect they deserve.


In fact, many derogatory terms have also been coined in our culture which often double as abuses.

To reduce an already oppressed community to something that is synonymous to a gaali is alarmingly shameful.


Despite this, every now and then, something beautiful happens that makes us believe that we’re opening our hearts to the trans community. For example, remember the time these people celebrated their transgender friend’s birthday?

Source: Zunaira Arshad

Or when this transgender woman was lauded for being an absolute inspiration?

Source: MangoBaaz/Youtube

And when a university invited someone from the community as a guest speaker?

Source: Pakistan Speaks/Facebook

Moreover, Kami Sid, Pakistan’s first transgender model, has also been paving a path for the acceptance and representation of transgenders in our society.

Source: Kami Sid

However, some incidents take place that seem to negate any progress we may have made on this front. 

One such incident was the harassment of a transgender model who recently took to social media to voice her concern. Due to security concerns, we cannot disclose her name. However, she recently shared a shocking video. It shows a man who had been arrested for violence, openly threatening transgenders following his release.

What we perceive to be a simple video is an actual threat to the lives of many. It has left her, along with countless others from the trans community, extremely shaken. 

What’s more disgusting is the fact that the man in the video is being encouraged by his friends – people who seem to be like-minded.

Fortunately, he has been arrested again, according to a post on a Facebook group

The post also shares more details about him.

Via Facebook

It is imperative that such people remain restrained for the betterment of the marginalized groups in our society.

What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments.

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