We Asked Married Pakistani Women How Their Life Changed After Shaadi & Their Answers Will Make You Feel All The Love

By Biya Haq | 10 Dec, 2017

Married Pakistani women share their wisdom

Though being a strong and independent woman is so so very important aaj kal, it doesn’t mean we can’t be proud of having someone to lean on and be ABSOLUTELY BADASS with them. And to prove our point, we asked women, ‘What the best things about being married were and immediately got over 500 responses.


 WARNING: You will feel SO warm and fuzzy inside and also SO. SINGLE. 


1. Being married is like having  24/7 Foodpanda service.

Via: deenga.com

I mean, that’s basically the dream.

2. You have a constant shoulder to cry on, someone to tell all of your secrets to and fight with all the time.

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Who doesn’t love fighting every now and then? Lolsy.


3. You get to share all the stresses of life with someone you can depend on. Together you both get to fight through everything that may come your way.

Source: We Think Films / Hot Water Bottle Films

Haye, a partner in life forever feels.


4. Make the dumbest, dirtiest, silliest jokes with them and they’ll do the exact same thing.

Source: ShoMan Productions

Bad knock knock jokes for DAAAAYS. Sacha pyaar.


5. No more permission issues. EVER.

Source: Hope Productions



6. Everything. Companionship, fighting, loving, laughing, family, kids.

Via: deenga.com

Awwwwww. *Starts sobbing*


7. You can say literally kuch bhee, because even if it may seem silly, they will immediately know what you mean.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube

Kuch bhee boldo, they know you.


8. You get to irritate them ALLLLLLLLL the time.

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9. “Everything.”

Source: Hum Network Limited



10. A valuable relationship that has no comparison and one that you get to cherish forever and forever.

Source: The Vision Factory Films

And ever, and ever.


11. You get an ultimate best friend for life.

Via: deenga.com

And it’s amazing.


12. A warm cozy shoulder to sleep on like a baby.

Via: deenga.com

Cuddling cozy Sundays goals.


13. To have someone who shares interests with you that you never thought anyone else would care about.

Via: deenga.com

Wait… you actually like Japanese Anime too!???


14. Free driver for life.

Source: Dharma Productions

Lolsy, but like true.


15. You get to sleep nude without feeling embarrassed or judged.

Source: hotstar.com

But like, truth.


16. Never ever having to watch another scary movie alone.

Source: Six Sigma Plus



17. No one will ever ever ever ask, ‘Shaadi kab karogi?’

Via: deenga.com

HEHE, beat ya to the punch.


18. Sex.

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19. Having someone to always eat too much with.

Via: deenga.com

Annnnd eventually gym it all off with.


20. Having someone to be absolutely eternally hamesha keh liye, completely happy with.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

MashAllah/ InshAllah 🙂


Faith in marriage and happiness and love and ugh just life? Restored. And also shout out to all the dudes that make these women happy. GREAT job. This kind of love is necessary if we’re gonna get through this life, friends. Love you all.

Have anything else to say about marriage in Pakistan? Are you happy that you met the one? Are you still looking? Let us know in the comments below.


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