15 Types Of Relatives In Every Pakistani Family's WhatsApp Group

By Kashaf | 23 Oct, 2017

Everyone is part of a family group chat these days. Your first instinct might be to leave or mute the endless barrage of gossip. Sucks for you, because once you’re in a family group chat – there’s no way out. These chats can be great for keeping in touch, if you give them a chance.

Here are some relatives you will come across in these chats:


1. The spammer

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This relative will send you countless chain messages, 7 minute videos that take up too much space, and pictures that they think are funny (they’re not funny)


2. The one who “accidentally” sends voice notes

source: IRK Productions

This person will “accidentally” send voice notes. Its not an accident.


3. The annoying kid who shouldn’t have a phone

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This kid is too young to have a phone and will send weird messages with too many exclamation points.


4. The matchmaker

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This relative will constantly tell you about someone in their extended family or their circle of friends who is single and on the hunt. They don’t care who it is. They just want to get you married.


5. The religious one

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This person loves to start religious debates.


6. The clueless grandparents

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They barely know how to text and half of the time they don’t have their glasses on – so its super fun to decode their messages.


7. The one who sends you 4983 pictures of their kid

Source: Authentic Entertainment

We get it. Your kid is cute.


8. The one obsessed with politics

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They love to update you constantly on the political condition of the country. They send you news faster than any news channel. They also love forcing their political opinions on the whole family.


9. The showoff

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This person loves to brag about all the stuff they have and sends pictures every time they go shopping. They want you to know that they are superior in every possible way.


10. The irritating uncle

Source: Dharma Productions

He is the one that you will never find smiling. He’s either complaining about another relative, the economy, or his life in general. These uncles are also very curious about what you are doing with your life and how at your age they were way, way more successful.


11. The one that has to greet you every morning

Source: says.com

This person will send a good morning message(s) and good morning picture(s) every.single.day. Probably the reason why you have this group muted. They are blissfully unaware of the time-zone you are in.


12. The “Phadday Baaz

Via Deenga

They must argue and make a scene about everything. Ugh don’t bother responding unless you want to spend the entire day defending yourself.


13. The chill cousin

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The coolest person in the family. They are the ones that you can hang out with and be yourself around. You can joke around with this person on the group chat and you have each other’s back when everyone is arguing.


14. That one random relative that you didn’t even know existed

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Who is this person and how am I even related to them?


15. The silent observer

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This person will read every single message but won’t respond or engage in any conversation. Creepy.


Which one of these have you come across?


Cover image via: arydigital.tv

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