Pakistanis Are Showing Support For India During Their COVID-19 Crisis

By Arsh Khan | 25 Apr, 2021

Pakistanis have taken to social media to show love and support for Indians, who are currently going through a severe outbreak of COVID that has impacted many.

When a rivalry of any kind is globally known, the rest of the world constantly anticipates any event where they can see both or all parties butting heads to see who emerges as the victor. In India and Pakistan’s case, our rivalry spans across every single field over the 73 years since the Partition. Oftentimes we do this with little to no regard for what exactly we’re competing on.

What are we if our patriotism doesn’t jump out full force when it comes to competing against India, right?

Woh toh dunyaa idhar de udhar hojaae, humein buss India se aagay nikalnaa hai.

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Currently, India is going through a severe outbreak of COVID-19 cases where the country saw a record high of more than 300,000 cases in a single day.

Hospitals in various cities across the country are now experiencing shortages of oxygen supplies and beds for new patients. The situation is so dire that COVID-19 patients have to sleep on pavements and are dying in the streets (literally) and in ambulances.

The footage that is being shown on the news is heartbreaking; desperate families pleading for help and even Indian law enforcement asking Muslims to pray the situation in the country gets better.

This time, Pakistanis put aside the competitive spirit and chose that of humanity instead.

Taking to social media, they’re not only showing love and support for Indians during the COVID-19 emergency but are appealing to PM Imran Khan to try and help our neighbor (yes, neighbor! Not rival!) however possible.

Edhi Foundation has also sent a letter to Narendra Modi, stating that they are ready to send 50 of their ambulances to the country to provide much-needed assistance.

Here are some of the tweets under the hashtag #IndiaNeedsOxygen, in which Pakistanis have shared messages of support (trigger warning: some images and footage may be distressing to the viewers).

Humanity above all, indeed. And the love Pakistanis are showing for India proves that.


Some astute observers even pointed out that if both governments focused more on their healthcare systems rather than armament and defense against each other, we would see significant changes in our situations.

Some Pakistani celebrities even stepped in to tweet messages of support.


As wholesome as it is to see, it’s also very telling about how one should act towards another in dire situations. Hashtags like #PakistanStandsWithIndia and #PrayForIndia were also trending in Pakistan. 

For Pakistanis to put aside the longstanding differences between themselves and Indians to offer support and help, it’s a rare sight but also exactly how everyone should act in times like this.

The pandemic is affecting all of us. It doesn’t look at who we are and where we’re from, and during this time, we shouldn’t be either. Hopefully, this serves as an example for other countries and even to both us and India for the future.

If you want to be more active in helping out Indians through their COVID-19 emergency, head over to our IG stories to have a look at some resources and ways you could do so.

We send our hearts out to India and all those going through this horrible situation and pray they get through these horrible times. And for all those reading this – stay at home, follow all SOPs, wear a mask, and please take care of yourself and others around you.


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