Pakistanis Can't Handle That The Cannoli Mushaira ACTUALLY Happened

By Sana Yasmeen | 24 Jan, 2021

Despite the initial cyber backlash and jokes towards the Cannoli owners for their tone-deaf gup-shup session and obnoxious treatment of their employee, people on the internet decided that something more needed to be done. Quite a number of people gathered in front of Cannoli and held an ‘Urdu mushaira‘ as a form of protest against the Cannoli owners, Uzma Chaudhry and Dia Haider.

Taking place just last night outside Cannoli, the Mushaira was attended by many!

People came forward to read shair-o-shayari as well as recite ghazlein! 

People took this opportunity to vent against elitism, colonial hangovers, and the obsession with English as a standard

Quite a number of people were in awe and showed appreciation towards the mushaira

However, a lot of people found it rather undignified and useless to hold an event. There was some anger geared towards the event, too

People showed concern regarding the wildfire fame that Cannoli has received ever since the initial video went viral

People even chirped in with some HILARIOUS jokes and honestly, it’s a kinda funny


While most people were still trying to pick sides in the Cannoli situation, some people had theories of their own.

Honestly, this Cannoli situation really opened a can of worms.

Anyway, the internet sure knows how to respond to such elitist behavior as the one shown by the Cannoli crew. However, it is jarring to see the mental chains and shackles that bind people to the remains of colonialism and the prevalent class consciousness. There is another question that begs to be asked, though: are we all overdoing it? Many people believe that the amplified outrage is a little uncalled for, especially since the owners have allegedly been receiving death and rape threats.

Must we overdo it every time?

Anyways, do you have anything to add regarding the whole fiasco? If you do, let us know in the comments below.


The Owners Of Cannoli Have Responded After Their Video Went Viral & They’re Not Apologizing To Their Manager


OMG, That Cannoli Mushaira Actually Happened And It Was Hilarious


Cover image via Hamza Bhatti and Express Tribune/Facebook



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