These Pakistanis Are Making Extremely Disgusting Jokes About The Blue Whale Challenge

By Sarmad Amer | 9 Sep, 2017

The Blue Whale challenge has caused mass hysteria across the globe ever since it came into limelight for its manipulative nature and horrifying consequences that it offers to players. The panic caused by the game is intense because people can’t physically see the game as it doesn’t actually exist as an app, it’s just a series of challenges that anyone can get trapped in.

The game, that was developed in Russia in 2013, is a series of challenges that can be shared by “administrators” by anyone on the internet. There are a total of 50 challenges that include watching horror movies, waking up at 4:20 AM every morning, and in the end, committing suicide. The motivation? The administrators prey on already depressed and suicidal folks and steal their personal data, blackmailing them with leaking their data if they don’t finish the tasks.

With news reports in Pakistan creating awareness about the game, after a series of suicides in India, people have begun to talk about this “game” and some are making really rude jokes

(Their names have been hidden to prevent others from stooping to their level)

Like these jokes about playing the game and committing suicide

Via: Twitter

There are comparisons of the “blue whale” with Pakistani personalities

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter


People are making jokes about husbands and wives making each other play this game

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And others are blaming relatives as a whole

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The bechari phupho is being compared to wanting to kill yourself

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter
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Jokes are being made about the whole country, too

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Others are joking about killing people for talking about the game

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Jokes about women are being made, too

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Being depressed and playing the game is being disregarded as “attention-seeking”

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And really offensive jokes about janazay ke baad ka khaana are also shared

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While there aren’t any actual reported cases of anyone having committed suicide because of the game in Pakistan, yet, these jokes aren’t helping either. Taking someone’s mental health issues and their vulnerability to getting trapped in such situations just pushes them away and into the hands of manipulative people.


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