PEMRA Just Fined NEO TV Rs. 5 Lakh For Letting Khalil Ur Rehman Give A Gaali To Marvi Sirmed On Their Show

By Noor | 21 Aug, 2020

Khalil ur Rehman and Marvi Sirmed had gotten into a heated exchange earlier this year

The misogyny of famous scriptwriter Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is not unknown to anyone in Pakistan. His rather disturbing views and opinions about women and those who support women have been on display on national television. Well, there is now a somewhat positive development in this regard, where those who give people like Khalil a platform are being penalized.

Though it is often argued that women in Pakistan are now being given ‘equal’ rights in comparison to their male counterparts, yet patriarchy remains deeply embedded into the social fabric of the country.


Earlier this year, Khalil Ur Rehman was on a TV show with journalist Marvi Sirmed debating about the merits of Aurat March

There was a huge issue after he passed on some rather nasty comments about Marvi while in the midst of a heated argument.


After the whole Khalil Ur Rehman vs Marvi Sirmed saga, people demanded that PEMRA take action against the channel for allowing abuse to be aired on their platform and well, for once PEMRA has done a good job 

The channel has been fined for allowing someone to pass derogatory and demeaning remarks about women on their platform. The fine is for Rs. 5 lakh.

The TV show was labeled as disrespectful and it was said that it did not involve any civilized discussion. The channel was blamed for allowing the writer to spew hate against women and it was said to provide a platform for the cultivation of misogynist ideas. Also, the channel is strictly advised to adhere to the guidelines drawn in regard to the respect of women.


Women are congratulating each other for those who give people like Khalil Ur Rehman a platform to abuse Marvi Sirmed just so they can get ratings out of the confrontation

The audacity of the writer to advance and propagate his anti-women stance required serious attention by the authorities. The ease by which he was able to spew hate against women highlights the privilege of men in our society and explains how shamelessly they can unveil the deeply hidden misogyny of our society. It also laid bare the actions of media, which airs confrontation for ratings and attention without a regard for what message their platform gives to the society at large.

The timely action which has been taken by PEMRA to discourage this behavior is definitely appreciated by all.



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