People Are Calling Out Sania Mirza For Slut-Shaming Veena Malik And It's The Most Unexpected Phadda Ever

By Sarmad Amer | 18 Jun, 2019

Sania Mirza and Veena Malik are in the most unexpected phadda of 2019

Pakistan cricket team’s loss against India in the ongoing Cricket World Cup is still recent. Fans and the players have still not come to complete terms with it. Many people are finding scapegoats to blame the defeat on. While some have theories about lack of fitness others have pointed at Captain Sarfaraz’ weak leadership. Some fans have also found humor as a way to cope with the outcome.


One theory with regards to the defeat against India was that Pakistani players, including Shoaib Malik, were allegedly out at 2am the night before the match with India


Sania Mirza was seen with her husband Shoaib in the photos circulating from that night where all the people are seen enjoying sheesha


There was massive criticism directed at all these people to which Sania responded


One of the critics coming for Sania was Veena Malik, who criticized Sania because she thought Sania had taken her baby to the sheesha place


Of course Sania lashed right back at her and defended her family from criticism


This has resulted in social media erupting over this unexpected feud between the two celebrities

Veena has been trending on top on Twitter in Pakistan until the time of publishing, with Sania and Shoaib also among top trends.

Via: Twitter


People are shocked by this very sudden phadda between  the two very unlikely celebrities


People did get offended with Sania tweeting and then deleting some remarks over Veena’s clothing… or lack of it


They’ve been calling out Sania for slut-shaming Veena

Not that what Veena said is defensible but one has to conceded that Sania did go extreme, if she did actually comment about Veena’s “infamous” photoshoot.


This led to Sania taking a break from social media


Even Shoaib made a cryptic tweet about people and media not attacking his family


What do you think about this very unexpected phadda?



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