People Are Seriously Pissed Off At Sajal Aly For Promoting A Whitening Cream

By Zainab Ali | 19 Apr, 2019

Sajal Aly, fair and lovely and Pakistan’s problematic colorism

The ‘gora complex‘ is strong in this side of the world. When the British left us in 1947, they didn’t take their mindsets with them. Pakistanis, up to this day, believe that being fair is prettier than being dark. Our society is set up to believe that those who do not have fair skin, need to everything and anything they can to be more gora because being white is equated with being pretty. Even Pakistan’s mainstream media usually portrays fairer girls as more desirable than darker girls.


There have been some strong support against colorism. Campaign’s like ‘Dark is Divine’ have spread awareness about this absurd need of the South Asian community to have fairer skin. It’s for issues like these that we need strong influential role models to spread this message even further.


Unfortunately, Sajal Aly recently did a Fair and Lovely commercial for a whitening cream that has pissed a lot of people

Sirf nikhaar hua purana, ab Fair and Lovely dey gi HD glow.” Sajal says in the commercial, advertising this very popular fairness cream. In the commercial we can see her skin getting lighter from the apparent use of this cream.

All the girls in the commercial are happy and cheering for Sajal, girls on Twitter? Not so much.


Many spoke up against this product endorsed by Sajal Aly

It’s amazing to see this response from the local audience as it shows how enlightened Pakistanis have become regarding fairness creams.


Some even reminded others that it wasn’t just Sajal who advertised Fair and Lovely, other popular celebrities have also endorsed such problematic products


This person perfectly sums up why promoting and endorsing fairness creams is wrong, especially in 20-frickin’-19 where you must evolve out of archaic stereotypes

Most of the people in Pakistan are brown skinned, by advertising and promoting fairness creams brands are basically saying that the way they were born isn’t good enough. Their skin isn’t bright enough or that they’re not beautiful enough. This creates an unhealthy society as it creates classes within itself.

Sajal hasn’t quite responded to any of the comments she has been getting about this TVC.


What do you think about this AD? How can we further address colorism? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @sajalaly / Instagram

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