15 Precious Moments That Only Pet Owners Have Experienced In Life

By Alia Eva | 20 Sep, 2017

Most of people who own pets don’t really consider them to be pets- to us, they’re family. Here are a few things that will remind you of the precious moments you share with your cutest family member(s):


1. When they make themselves comfortable in your bed and cuddle with you


2. When you’re watching TV and they decide to join in 

This is one of the most human things your animal family member does. Whether it’s a cat, dog or even a rabbit, they enjoy the Hum TV dramas just as much as you do.

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3. When they attempt to dine with you at the table

They just want to do everything the rest of the family does, so you better save them a seat or they will blackmail you with those puppy dog eyes(even when it’s not a puppy).


4. When they just let themselves in, because becharay don’t know how to knock, na

Dog owners in particular can relate to this. This can make getting privacy a little tricky, but hey, is it even your family if they give you privacy easily?

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5. When they try to sneak a bite out of your plate

No matter how much you feed them, they’re never satisfied unless they’ve sniffed around and taken a bite out of your plate.

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6. When they look at you with eyes so sad you almost fall for it, every time you leave them alone

You often wonder while being away if they feel like you’ve abandoned them and if they’ll ever love you the same way. But they do, cause they’re just so precious. *cries*

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7. When you can’t stop taking photos with them 

Yes honey, keep breathing. *snaps a million pictures* I’m so proud of you for being so cute.


8. When you come back home and they greet you like you were gone for war

What did we do to deserve this love????

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9. When you realize that every single thing you own has been destroyed by your pet

There goes another charging cord…

Source: bunnyproof.com


10. When they almost lick your face off

There’s no purer love than this.

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11. When they form an unlikely friendship with random creatures from the outside world

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12. When someone in your house is allergic and can’t stand to be around your pet

Not their fault, but tsk what a shame.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


13. When they fall sick and it gives you constant anxiety

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14. When they look like a literal bundle of fluffy love when they’re asleep


15. And last but not the least, just the pure, unadulterated love they give you

You know you’re never going to find that anywhere.


Aren’t pets just pure joy?

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