PUBG Just Got Banned In Pakistan And Pakistanis Are Savagely Roasting PTA 🔥🔥🔥

By Noomyalay Khan | 2 Jul, 2020

PUBG got banned in Pakistan and social media is FREAKING OUT

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, or more commonly known as PUBG, has been in the news for quite some time now. The game has millions of players in Pakistan alone and is widely accepted and played. With over 600 million downloads globally, it is a fan favorite everywhere. Sadly, it’s in the news in Pakistan for all the wrong reasons


PUBG just got banned in Pakistan after PTA said that there were “complaints from different segments of society” against the game

According to the official statement by PTA, the reasons for a “temporary suspension” of the game have been cited as “addictive” nature of the game, alleged wastage of time and “serious negative effect on the psychological and physical health of the [sic]Children”.

It also cited media reports where suicide was connected to the game. Although the causes of death by suicide are extremely complex and can’t exactly be simplified to one exact reason. Would be worth noting if there were notes left behind by the victims, blaming the game.

On July 1, PTA released a statement saying they are applying a “temporary suspension” of the game. A permanent ban will be considered after lengthy discussions with experts as directed by the Lahore High Court, on July 9, 2020.


After news of PUBG getting banned in Pakistan began circulating, heartbroken fans had a lot to say


Some were quick to point out that this is a silly decision for a much more serious issue


Others were having a good laugh at the expense of the fans of the game


Some even called out the authorities saying it was a nonsensical move that PUBG was banned in Pakistan when there are actual, much more serious causes for high rates of young people dying by suicide


Of course, this opportunity couldn’t have been let go by the meme makers of Pakistani social media and they have descended with some savagery after news of PUBG getting banned in Pakistan


Players of other games also took this opportunity to troll PUBG players


Of course, there were jokes that the players now have time for other things that they had put on hold in their lives after PUBG getting banned in Pakistan


While some are cheering for how parents have finally gotten what they wanted with PUBG getting banned in Pakistan


There are others who’re feeling terribly sad for the players who spent money and ranked high in the game


Hacks are being worked out to circumnavigate the rather terrible situation


Even Indians jumped in on trolling PUBG players in Pakistan even though they have recently had TikTok getting banned in their own country, along with 58 other apps


Suffice to say the biggest topic of conversation on Pakistanis social media is definitely the news about PUBG getting banned in Pakistan

What do you think about PTA’s decision to “temporarily suspend” PUBG in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @Iam_Mian via Twitter / PUBG Corporation / @farooqmamoond via Twitter

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