Reviews Are In: People Are Loving Alia And Ranveer As Muslims In “Gully Boy”

By Iman Zia | 15 Feb, 2019

‘Gully Boy’ has opened to rave reviews, coming as a hearty delight after a number of rancid masala films choking the Indian box office. Zoya Akthar’s earnest film tells the tale about an aspiring Muslim rapper in a burgeoning hip-hop culture within India’s suburbs. Ranveer Singh is the struggling rapper, Murad while Alia is his childhood sweetheart Safeena.


Prior to the film’s release, many were wary that the film would portray Muslims in a negative light, however, the reviews are in and ‘Gully Boy’ is being lauded for showing them in a very positive light.

While Murad fights stereotypes of regressive Muslims by doing all he can to gnaw his way through the slums to become a rapper, his girlfriend Safeeena is both brave and fiesty; critics mention how “neither the hijab nor the walls of her house can restrict [her],” and at one point “beats up girls who try to flirt with her boyfriend.” Both characters have been described as “deeply impactful” and have a “driving force” within the film.

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Critics have been commending the much-awaited film that steers away from the usual recycled trope of masala films.




It’s not just the critics either; fans have fallen for the film too.










Will you go watch ‘Gully Boy?’


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