Shaan Shahid Just Shared His Problematic Thoughts On Depression That Really Have No Place In 2019

By Arslan Athar | 1 Feb, 2019

Depression and mental illness have become relevant and current topics of discussion in today’s world. The world, in the past few years, has stepped back and really take a look at the way it sees depression and mental health, and some of that debate and conversation has reached its way to Pakistan.

Very recently, actor Mohsin Abbas Haider took to social media to talk about his experience with depression following a rather concerning Facebook status of his.

Even though a lot of us have taken strides in understanding mental health, there are always some people who still see mental health as less of an ailment than physical illness.

This brings us to statement by renowned Pakistani actor, Shaan Shahid, about mental health.


According to Shaan, actors use depression as a tool of ‘method acting’, or put simply, as a way to understand their characters’ emotions. “For an actor who is living in a different character for his eyes to look sad, the artist has to feed depression to his mind so he /she can achieve the right expression.”

He goes on to say that actors ‘cross a line’ and get ‘addicted’ to this ‘depression’.



He does acknowledge that there is a way to fight depression. He, however, ends his statement with this:

“We pick up careers without looking at the pros and cons the effect it will cause .. without a plan without protection, we jump into the most sophisticated part of the human body- the mind.”

You can read his entire status here.

First of all, the notion that depression can be ‘fed to the mind’ is just not right. 

There are so many factors that can trigger depression and most of the time a person who is depressed doesn’t realize they are. Depression is a proper mental illness and not something that can be switched on and off with one’s mind.



Also, ask anybody who has been through depression- they don’t get ‘addicted’ to it nor they enjoy the pain and the sadness. 

When you’re depressed, you don’t find joy in the things you normally would; you don’t feel like doing too many things, heck, you don’t even want to get out of bed.



In this status, Shaan makes depression sound like this totally controllable state your mind goes into, as if it operates according to someone’s will and desire when it’s actually the total opposite.

What’s really shocking and saddening is that all of the comments under his Facebook status or Tweets didn’t call him out on his views, rather they encouraged him or just asked fan questions. This is 2019, the world sees depression and mental health are serious issues and is trying to find solutions for them- but here we are, making up our own notions of what it is.

Mental health issues are real and unpredictable. It falls upon all of us to make sure those around us are doing well and that we help each other whenever one of us is feeling down. The only way to ‘get over’ depression or any other mental health issue is to talk about it and let others help you.

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