Shahmeer Abbas Just Called Ducky Bhai A Fake Friend And Damn, Is It Starting All Over Again?

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 May, 2019

Shahmeer Abbas is pissed and took to Instagram to call out Ducky Bhai. 

One of Pakistani YouTube’s biggest beef ever had seemingly come to a halt when Sham Idrees went back to Canada after “apologizing” for the incident but he left, asking for others to take their responsibility.. Apparently, there are still a few misgivings in the air and Shahmeer Abbas voiced his concern on his Instagram stories a few hours ago.


Shahmeer Abbas took to Instagram in an unfiltered rant against Ducky Bhai, who he said he thought was a friend

Shahmeer’s rant gave absolutely no fucks and appeared to be coming straight from his heart. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram

Shahmeer, who by the end had maintained that both Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai were his friends and that he was not taking sides but only trying to mediate a friendship between the two parties, said that he felt that Ducky Bhai was not his real friend because of recent updates.


Shahmeer talked again about the guy who grabbed at him and tore his shirt during THAT Froggy mukka incident

He had called him a ‘khusra‘ in a previous video but was called out by people for using a derogatory term. That did not sit well with Shahmeer who thought it was a double standard against him because the guy who tore his shirt wasn’t called out for his bad behavior against Shahmeer.

Shahmeer went on to defend himself by saying he called the guy a derogatory term because he was pissed at the positive reaction to that guy’s actions. He said it wasn’t enough to describe what a vile person he was.  Anger aside Shahmeer but it’s not okay to use the term as an insult, especially coming from a person of influence like you who can influence young minds to using, or not using, such terms.

Shahmeer then posted screenshots of messages the guy who had grabbed at his shirt had been sending him on Instagram.

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram


Throughout his rant Shahmeer Abbas was pissed at Ducky Bhai for being “friendly” with his “enemy”

Shahmeer said that he believes that the guy was paid by his fellow Youtubers to rip his shirt that’s why they were getting so friendly with him. He shared screenshots of Rahim Pardesi, Shahveer Jafry among others apparently having dinner with his ‘enemy’, Sam, the guy who ripped his shirt.

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram


He talked about how if Ducky Bhai was Shahmeer’s actual friend, he would have blocked the guy rather than having lunch with him.

Honestly, I have to give it to Shahmeer, it does appear a little insensitive of Ducky Bhai and other YouTubers to be publicly supporting the guy who ripped off Shahmeer’s shirt. Yes, he did not attack Froggy and that was proven but he still did try to manhandle and attack Shahmeer Abbas. That shouldn’t be supported, least of all so publicly.

That guy also may have apologized for it but the person who needs to forgive him; Shahmeer Abbas is still pissed. So it doesn’t really make it okay for other YouTubers to be hanging out with him like he’s a special fan or something. After Sham Idrees and Shahmeer Abbas saw video proof that it wasn’t him hitting Froggy, they immediately rectified themselves. They didn’t vilify him any longer.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

But to keep giving attention the person who tried to grab at Shahmeer doesn’t look good. In the end, Shahmeer talks about how he hopes that the guy who tore at his shirt gets a taste of his own medicine and that Shahmeer was not forgiving him.

It’s clear that Shahmeer is still pissed at the whole situation. We thought it may have died down but clearly, he’s being taunted by the other side. Looks like Maulana Tariq Jameel’s advice didn’t do them any good.

What do you think about Ducky Bhai and other YouTubers hanging out with Shahmeer’s attacker despite Shahmeer saying he is pissed off at him? Let us know in the comments below.


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