Shahmeer Abbas Just Did A Parody Of Ducky Bhai Exposing Sham Idrees And Honestly Ab Bus Hogayi Hai

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 May, 2019

Shahmeer Abbas just parodied the Ducky Bhai – Sham Idrees Showdown

We’re living in a post-Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees feud world. The carnage from that battle was brutal but thankfully the feud seemed to have come to an end after Sham Idrees finally apologized and it seemed that all was right in the world of Pakistani YouTube.


After Ducky “exposed” Sham Idrees for the second time, it was a rolller coaster of a ride for Pakistani YouTube creators and watchers, alike

source: Ducky Bhai / YouTube

Pakistani YouTubers are no longer making new videos every few hours to address the accusations the other had made. And just when everyone thought they could take a deep breath since the fight was over, Shahmeer Abbas just came out with another video on the issue.


This time, it’s not serious. In fact, it’s a parody Shahmeer did of Ducky Bhai’s original video which had started the entire YouTuber beef

Source: Shahmeer Abbas Official / YouTube

Shahmeer starts off the video with him sitting in a similar setting to the one Ducky Bhai had. And with the same facial expressions and then he suddenly farts… crude humor but I suppose some enjoy it.


The video then turns into Shahmeer pretending to receive a call from a fellow YouTuber who asks him to dance to his latest song

He immediately makes the video and then tells the YouTuber to pretend that the video was sent a few weeks ago so the same clothing in the video doesn’t look off.

Source: Shahmeer Abbas Official / YouTube

After that Shahmeer turns to the camera again and starts talking about Chocolate. Chocolate is basically the name he’s using for Sham Idrees’ character in the video, or so I’m making an “educated” guess.


He goes on and on about how evil Chocolate is and recreates several things from the video originally posted by Ducky Bhai, including screenshots of WhatsApp conversations and recordings of calls.

Source: Shahmeer Abbas Official / YouTube

He also insinuates throughout the video that all of Ducky’s content benefited Zaid Ali as photos of Zaid flash on screen and mentions of his name popped up every few seconds.


In the end, Shahmeer shows a screenshot with his conversation with Ducky Bhai in which he has asked for his permission to make this video

While explicit permission wasn’t seen in the screenshot Shahmeer posted in his video, we can hope that Ducky will not take this seriously and will hopefully laugh it off. Even though the entire joke of the video did seem to be at Ducky’s expense.

Source: Shahmeer Abbas Official / YouTube

It was still a little funny I guess? And Shahmeer ended the video with a clip of him and Ducky Bhai hanging out before all of this mess happened and him asking Ducky if he feels better now because the clip, according to Shahmeer is from a day when Ducky was stressed.

Shahmeer intends this video to be a joke. Honestly, I think it’s too soon to be making light of the situation for now but it’s his channel and his content I suppose.


Hopefully, no one takes the video seriously and retaliates to it

You can watch the video here:

What do you think about Shahmeer Abbas’ video? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Shahmeer Abbas Official via

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