Shahzeb Khanzada Brilliantly Exposed Pakistan's Multiple Issues Indirectly And People Can't Stop Praising Him

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 22 Jun, 2019

Shahzeb Khanzada exposed Pakistan’s multiple issues indirectly in his latest segment, displaying impeccable journalistic ingenuity.

Shahzeb Khanzada needs no introduction when it comes to Pakistani journalists who have made a mark in the field with their responsible reporting and quest for justice. He hosts the popular show ‘Aj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath‘ on Geo News. The show and the host, both are known for bringing important issues to the forefront that many media houses in the country do not highlight due to self-censorship.

Shahzeb gained popularity during the Shahrukh Jatoi fiasco and recently, Meesha Shafi gave her first interview on his show since her harassment allegations were made public. The journalist even has a sensible stance on gender and feminism.

On Thursday, Shahzeb did a special show on issues related to ‘a country’. From the introduction, it felt as if he was telling a story.

He started the show by narrating that there is a country which is neither economically progressing nor is politically stable.

He went to say this that country has been to the IMF program to seek help but nothing seems to work. Financially, the country is in a lot of trouble, the unemployment rate has increased over the past years.

He continued saying that not only this but, debts are increasing and there is an unexplained hike in the prices of commodities.

via Geo News

Taxes have increased in this country. That means, those who were already paying their taxes are now overburdened with paying more.

via Geo News

Politically also, there are no signs of improvements that could be seen. There is a crackdown going on in the country.

Many politicians from the opposition parties are facing trials or are behind bars, he said.

via Geo News

But, this is not it. People of this country are not even free to voice their opinions.

Let alone the people, media, the so-called fourth estate is also jailed behind censorship.

via Geo News

Journalists are not allowed to convey the unmasked reality to audiences. They are only allowed to present one version, therefore keeping people from the truth.

via Geo News

Shahzeb did not just stop there. He went to say that the citizens of this country have no power.

The Chief of Army Staff, he states, is the sole power in this country. All decisions are taken after his approval. COAS is basically running this country, he said.

via Geo News

After all that, you can’t help but wonder how  Shahzeb Khanzada said what he said on Pakistani media – that too, so bluntly. However, if your guess was what we all think it is, you’re probably wrong.

Shahzeb says that he has just described Egypt and the issues that it continues to face. You can almost see the hint of the smirk that comes on his face, because he knows what he’s just done is brilliant. No doubt, this was a masterstroke on his part – veiled genius – killing two birds with one stone, even. The Twitter club did not waste much time in appreciating how well Shahzeb painted the whole picture, and how it hit a little too close to home.

This person on Twitter said Shahzeb is exactly how an anchor should be.

Someone even felt that all that what he said resonates well with the current state of Pakistan.

A fellow journalist thought this is what future journalists and media students in the country should be taught.

Someone even pointed out that he has done similar shows in the past, too.

Shahzeb’s art of narration and conveying his message reminded this guy of Jalib.

You can watch the full episode here:

Such brilliance, such ingenuity, and such impeccable storytelling – Shahzeb Khanzada is truly one in a million. What do think of Shahzeb’s recent show? Let us know in the comments below.

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