Sham Idrees And Froggy Revealed Their Baby's Gender, But I'm Honestly So Confused

By Manahil | 10 Nov, 2019

If you’ve been following the Sham Idrees and Froggy saga, you know by now that they got married earlier this year, and are even expecting a baby!

The duo is infamous for their pranks that usually go overboard according to the internet, but we think it’s safe to say that pregnancy is too intimate to be joked about. Or so we hope.

Anyway, the couple had a gender reveal party to celebrate. Although the couple was okay with either gender, Sham himself really wanted a baby girl. And guess what? It’s apparently a girl!

The couple went all out for the celebration, with the cutest decor and banging outfits.



As always, when it comes to Sham Idrees, there’s a twist. The couple recently uploaded another video on their Youtube channel titled, “The Doctor Told Us The Wrong Gender.”

Uh-oh. What even? The video shows Froggy telling viewers and Sham alike that the doctor made a mistake and they’re actually having a baby boy. Umm…

source: Sham Idrees Vlogs / YouTube

Who knows if it was acting or if it was the real deal but Sham doesn’t believe it and even Googles it to see if it’s possible. And… It is. Many people accused them earlier of using their pregnancy for attention when they hosted the gender reveal ceremony and this will probably further fuel the fire.

But as usual, the duo always has us on our feet.

That’s right. Froggy pranked the prankster. She confirmed that it was all her idea when the doctor told her it’s possible to mistake the gender of the baby and used it to prank her husband.

source: Sham Idrees Vlogs / YouTube

They celebrated with a cake that said: “It’s Sierra Idrees”.

A name Sham chose, and Froggy liked as well. Earlier, during the prank, Sham was worried about choosing names for a boy because he had already found a perfect one for a girl but luckily, everything worked out.

source: Sham Idrees Vlogs / YouTube

And there it is folks – it’s confirmed, for the last time (we hope), that these two are indeed having a baby girl.

source: ShamIdreesVlogs

You can watch the full video here:


Sham Idrees And Froggy Just Announced Their Baby And Pakistanis Have So Many Questions


Sham Idrees And Froggy Just Announced They’re Having A Baby And People Can’t Stop Questioning Their Timeline


Cover image via ShamIdreesVlogs/YouTube

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