Shaniera Akram Is Getting Trolled For A Hilarious Typo In Her Election Message And She's Enjoying It Too

By Maham Lari | 25 Jul, 2018

Shaniera Akram is one of Pakistan’s most loved foreign bhaabis. The wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram, a humanitarian for her foundation, a passionate activist and a full-time mother of three, she is also a sweetheart and loves Pakistan just like every other patriotic citizen.



Since its Election season, she has been tweeting about how important it is for every citizen to vote – calling it our patriotic duty.

Being very emotional, she is trying her best to motivate people.

She’s also asking them what role they will play tomorrow…Well, she’s trying to.

Except, she made an honest mistake…Role ko roll bol dia. 

Via Tenor


As expected, people started trolling her. 

Kaafi zyada…



However, it also took a very nasty turn once people started getting personal.

They started hating on her and her family.

However, those focusing on the question asked are giving their views accordingly.

Btw, Shaneira did also respond to the typo.

In a really sweet way at first…

…But when people were going overboard, she responded accordingly.

*Snap snap snap.*

Source: True Entertainment


And of course people love her anyway, so there’s that.

They’re supporting her completely.

Baat toh sahi hai.


Shaneira has also started trolling herself. 


What. A. Queen.


With all said and done, Shaniera is a wonderful person and loves Pakistan just as much as us. People make mistakes every now and then. We still love our bhaabi and support her for thinking in the best interest of Pakistan. What do you think? Let us know.



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Cover image via K9 Productions

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