11 Struggles You Can 110% Relate To If You're Someone Jis Ko Ghussa Bohat Aata Hai

By Kashaf | 4 Jan, 2019

Are you someone jis ko ghussa bohat ata hai?

Okay look. I’m a super nice person and always go above and beyond for people…but I get angry. A lot. And if you’re like me – as in, you’re someone who loses their composure quickly and gets annoyed at the smallest things – you, too, are short-tempered. Now before you get pissed, I’m on your side. In fact, you and I share certain struggles of being nice, short-tempered people. Here are a few:


1. You get annoyed by the smallest things and unleash your ghussa

Your constant snaps are not your most desirable trait, but people learn over time to not push your buttons. Some people get confused when they see you go from your normal chirpy self to the Wicked Witch of the West. But they get around to it eventually.

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2. Your siblings and parents try their hardest not to piss you off

They know when to avoid you because they don’t want to be your punching bag for the day OR get dramatically yelled at for an hour. It’s just not worth it. And you know it’s real when even ammi stays away.

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3. However, sometimes your family tends to slip up and your ghussa can be a pain in their asses

And boy, does all hell break loose. Maybe not to such an extreme extent. But honestly, bharosa bhi nahi hai.

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4. Sometimes you don’t even remember what your ghussa has been for, in the first place

As much as you would like to have a filter installed inside your head, sometimes you can’t even remember what made you burst forth in the first place. You tend to regret your words and blame it on a ‘bad day’, which is literally five days out of the week.

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5. It takes about four seconds for you to go from singing with the birds and loving life to “I hate everyone and everything”.

Sometimes, it seriously feels like you have an alter-ego that you don’t even know exists half the time. Who is this angry person and where did they come from?

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6. You’ve tried everything in hopes to calm yourself down: kickboxing, yoga, counting to 10 – but none of it seems to work.

The thought has crept up on you multiple times, “Maybe I just need to try anger management”. You never do though. It’s normal for everyone to get angry sometimes, right? It’s actually kinda dangerous?!

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7. You really have to pick your battles very carefully with people

“Do I want to unleash my wrath upon them or just smile and force myself to walk away?” you often wonder. Moreover you keep questioning whether it’s just you or if everyone else is deliberately trying to push your buttons.

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8. You apologize a lot because of your ghussa

When you DO end up savagely unleashing your wrath…you feel really bad about it and have to apologize. If you don’t get the chance to apologize, it will actually drive you insane and make you feel like a horrible person.

Because hey, at the end of the day, you’re still nice, na.

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9. You really hate losing your temper and wish you had the ability to control it

You just really want to be the nice person you are without all of that rage burning inside of you. WHY IS IT SO HARD?!

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10. Halfway through an argument, you’ll forget what you’re even arguing about because you do it so often

Sometimes, it just isn’t worth it.

Other times, it drives you insane if you don’t get the last word in a fight. You’ll replay the argument over and over again in your head imagining things you could have said. You have a long way to go before you learn to control yourself and hold your tongue.

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11. You really do try to be nice, but you’ll carry on anyway – just to prove a point

You just can’t stand being wrong. I know I can’t. Jo bhi hojaye, point aagey rakhna hai. Nothing gets in the way of that.

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It’s fine – being short-tempered doesn’t make you a bad person. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Khair, if you and your ghussa can relate, let me know in the comments below.


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