SOHAYE Instills Confidence In Women In Fashion Film For Upcoming Collection

By MangoBaaz Studio | 21 Feb, 2022

Sohaye by Diner’s recently launched their DVC for their upcoming spring/summer collection. We’d be lying if we said we watched it just once…

From the get-go we were treated with beautiful visuals and breathtaking locations – which we’ll get to in a minute.


Source: Sohaye/Instagram


Source: Sohaye/Instagram


Let’s talk about the star of this film, or in this case, stars! The clothes! The film also features Ayeza Khan amongst other female models dressed in Sohaye’s new and vibrant spring/summer collection that we can’t wait to see in stores.

The new collection boasts outfits that exude fun patterns and bold colors that ignite a sense of adventure in the woman who adorns it.

As for the film, there is a beautiful mix of beach and summery vibes. Our group of female protagonists are seen enjoying a tranquil drive along the coast under the glow of the sun.

A sense of freedom and self-expression stands strong at the core of this fashion film. The overall visual treatment compliments the actual collection, making the bold colors and patterns stand out in different scenes.

You simply can’t take your eyes off the film.

Bold colors and eccentric patterns are a testament to the boldness in a women’s personality. This new collection by Sohaye invites women to celebrate their femininity and boldness. The collection embodies femininity and femme power flawlessly with their use of vibrant colors and elegant silhouettes.

Source: Sohaye/Instagram


Sohaye’s upcoming collection is for the bold and adventurous trend-setters who are ready to face the world with their unique and distinctive taste. Just like Ayeza Khan in the picture fearlessly carrying her magnificent printed frock with the striking contrast of blue printed dupatta. That’s what a good outfit can do for a woman. It gives her the confidence she needs and makes her stand out in a crowd.


So, if you haven’t watched Sohaye’s new DVC yet, what’re you waiting for? Check it out now and while you’re at it, head to Sohaye and check out their latest spring/summer collection.


You can watch it here:



Cover image via Sohaye
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