Sonu Nigam Just Called Out Bollywood On Its Treatment Of Pakistani Singers, And We Couldn't Agree More

By Arslan Athar | 21 Mar, 2019

Sonu Nigam is known for his wildly unpopular opinions. For starters, there was the whole controversy he stirred online after he passed comments on the azaan, and how religion is being forced into people’s lives.


It genuinely does not seem like Sonu Nigam shared his thoughts to anger people, he seems very genuine in putting across his point of view, no matter what others think.

Today is no different, as Sonu Nigam adds his thoughts about all the Indo-Pak tensions. 

After the Pulwama attack, extremist Hindu groups threatened music companies to stop working with Pakistani talent. The first effect we saw of this was when T-Series took down all songs by Pakistani artists from their YouTube channel. Following this, actors like Salman Khan announced that songs in their upcoming films were to be replaced since some of them were sung by Pakistani singers.

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At a recent press conference, Sonu Nigam was asked about his thoughts on an all-out ban of Pakistani talent in Bollywood. 

He was very critical of the idea in general. He said that banning Pakistani artists is a move informed by ‘wrongly guided patriotism’. “By banning Pakistani artists we feel a sense of security that ‘oh, now Atif Aslam will not come work with us, we’re happy’. This is wrongly guided patriotism.” He also called the concept of ‘banning’ artists quite ironic, since it is the Indian Entertainment Industry that calls them to work there, and it’s the same people who decide to ban them. He asks, ‘What’s the point of calling them in the first place then if we’re just going to send them back?’.



Sonu Nigam also placed a large responsibility on Bollywood and its decision. 

Sonu said that if Bollywood decides to ban Pakistani talent, then it is effectively severing cultural ties with Pakistan. He goes on to say that such a move will not help to better ties between the two countries, but will make matters worse.

Previously, the singer called out the Indian media and their role in instigating hate towards Pakistan and keeping up the rhetoric of war.



Sonu Nigam’s comments come as a breath of fresh air, given how hostile Bollywood has been toward us since Pulwama and the following incidents. All we can hope for is that better sense prevails and that this atmosphere of hatred and war clears up.

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