Sonu Nigam Just Said He Would Stand Up For The Pakistani Anthem And Indians Are Losing It

By Iman Zia | 27 Oct, 2017

Oh, Sonu Nigam. You have to hand it to the man, he’s really all over the place when it comes to religious debates (remember the entire azaan debacle) or overtly frivolous opinions. The singer left social media behind after the azaan whirlwind, deleting his Twitter account after receiving tremendous hate – he’s back now, and not exactly in the best way really. He spoke at an Indian talk show ‘Manthan Aaj Tak’ whereby he talked about the national anthem. Sonu responded to a decision made by the Indian Supreme Court that will allow the Indian national anthem to be played in public places.


Sonu disagreed that the Indian anthem should be allowed to be played in theatres and restaurants because it was “prestigious” and “sensitive”

He claimed that a national anthem “should not be played at in a cinema.” The singer waded into the endless debate that has strung the entire nation and further went on to discuss the similarity between the national anthem and one’s parents He said, “I respect my parents and if I know they will not be respected at certain places, why should I take them there? I want them to be respected when they go out. Similarly, the national anthem should not be played at places where it will not be respected.”



Sonu went on to praise the Pakistani national anthem (a bit randomly if you ask us) after declaring he would stand up for any country’s national anthem, including that of Pakistan

“If the national anthem of Pakistan is played and all Pakistanis are standing, I will also stand out of respect for that country and those people If I am a good and understanding person I will stand up for the national anthem of any country” Sonu said.


Sonu Nigam’s claims have angered Indians


Including famous lyricist Javed Akhtar


Many threw shade indirectly at Sonu’s opinion




A few suggested Sonu leave India and move to Pakistan


And some had some questionable theories


A few agreed with the singer




Oh and then there’s always the true patriot Adnan Sami with his opinion


What are your thoughts on Sonu’s statements?

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