The First Official Picture Of Baby Izhaan Is Here And My Heart Can't Handle The Cuteness

By Sajeer Shaikh | 22 Dec, 2018

Remember how in the initial bits of 2018, India and Pakistan became combined dadis and nanis because we heard Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik were about to have a baby? And hey, we’ll give it to them, they didn’t come in slow as far as the announcements around the arrival of baby Izhaan were concerned.

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#MirzaMalik ❤️ 👶🏼

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Both the countries were hooked ever since and it’s been a long journey since we all collectively decided to intrude on the couple’s private moments.

From cute little gestures…

…to celebrating milestones together…

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Happy birthday jaan ❤️

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…to basically bringing baby Izhaan into the world and including us in the announcements…

…we’re all pretty invested, is what I’m saying.

But honestly, all of us were kinda annoyed that none of us really got to see what the baby looked like. I mean sure, we already knew more than our fair share but are we even truly desi unless we COMPLETELY invade someone else’s privacy and stick our noses in their business? Nah. Doesn’t sound like us.

And you know, Shoaib and Sania – they played their cards right. With coy pictures like these…

…with Izhaan’s face turned away…

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#Moments 💖🤱🏽👼🏽 #Allhamdulillah

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…they had us all on our toes. What does the baby look like?!

Well, if you’ve made it till here, you still want to know. So I’ll just dive right into it.

While stalking both Sania and Shoaib, I came across this picture posted by both of them…

…with the exact same caption. 

I’m not saying it’s planned. I’m just saying coincidences are pretty rare. But anyhoo, can we please take a moment to appreciate how adorable the baby truly is?

Look at that precious smile. Just. God. I don’t even like babies, but I want to gently pat baby Izhaan on his head. This is just way too precious, guys. No baby will ever be as cute as baby Izhaan. I’m going to drop the picture here one more time because, I mean, do I really need to justify it?

I just wanna know if Izhaan is the Taimur of the cricket/tennis universe. Because I feel like he should be.

Anyhoo, please feel free to freak out over him in the comments.


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