The Moulvi Who Was Filmed Brutally Beating A Child In Toba Tek Singh Has Been Arrested

By Mehwish A. W. | 5 Jun, 2019

Recently, a video of a moulvi brutally beating a child started making rounds on social media. He was from a madrassa in People’s Colony, Pansera Road in Gojra, Toba Tek Singh. While beating the child, he was also found uttering abusive language and cannot be seen having the slightest remorse on what he was doing.

What was worse and painful was that the little boy wasn’t reacting much and it seemed that he was accustomed to such beatings. It’s a heartbreaking and utterly disturbing video, and it highlights what many children have to go through until such videos leak.

Once the video started making rounds, Children Protection Bureau Punjab took action, arrested this man, and put him behind bars.

In a country that is still reeling from multiple cases of child abuse, violence, and cold-blooded murders, such acts of brutality only further make us quiver in fear for all those children who have suffered at the hands of such beasts, or will continue to suffer, because such things are taken lightly. The fact that abuse towards children is often overlooked, and is even considered a norm is highly frightening, for it allows such acts of ruthlessness to occur and go unnoticed.

Once this video started circulating, people took notice of it and began sharing it in hopes to raise awareness. They obviously weren’t happy with what they saw this moulvi doing and expressed their anger on social media.

The conversation around trusting your child around such people initiated, and the fact that such men deserve to be punished was highlighted too.

Some people were moved to being violent themselves.

And, once they got the news of his arrest, they appreciated it

People also appreciated the fact that action was taken immediately and that too, based on news off of social media

They also wanted that this man be brutally punished 

People even stated that he should be given a taste of his own medicine

Some people also pointed out how such incidents and these kinds of people are a disgrace to our society

Others stated that such things happen quite commonly in madrassas and there is a need for a long-term solution 

No doubt, the incident was absolutely terrible and the fact that action was taken swiftly is indeed commendable. It’s a pity that such shocking incidents continue to surface every now and then. Let’s hope that we see the occurrence lessen over time to the point where such heinous acts no longer take place.

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