The Pakistani Navy Just Stopped Another Indian Strike And Why The Fuck Are We Still Going At It

By Biya Haq | 5 Mar, 2019

Seriously? Why the fuck is this still happening?

#PakistanNavy has been trending on Twitter, due to the fact that the Pakistani Navy is being praised for defending our nation against another ‘attack.’

An alleged attack was called for at the hands of India except for this time, via our sea way.

Images and video footage of an Indian Submarine attempting to enter Pakistani waters have been going viral all over social media once they were leaked online.

According to reports, the Indian submarine tried to enter our territory but once spotted by the Pakistani Navy, it was forced to retreat from its position.

Following the incident, Pakistanis have been celebrating the bravery and effectiveness of our Navy Forces all over social media.

People all over the country are showing their patriotism towards the fight against India by showing their support for our navy forces.

Many have been pointing out how this whole incident was incredibly humiliating for India and their Navy, stating that another flop attack was carried out by Narendra Modi.

It is being discussed that at this point, because of India’s failed attempts in wreaking havoc on Pakistan, they have been successfully failing at targeting Pakistan.

Though it is great that we have been praising our Navy and our Armed forces in general, what the fuck are we actually applauding for? We are in a petty dogfight with our neighbouring country that has been at arms with us since LITERALLY 1947. Everything from the Pulwama attack to us ‘returning’ an Indian Air Force pilot.

While this submarine situation may have given us a chance to show our Naval power, it just proved to both India and Pakistan that none of this behaviour is going to cease anytime soon. Both nations have been taking part in what can only be described as a standoff in the past two weeks. We have been able to handle the situation and animosity since partition, however with the way things are going, an international intervention seems almost necessary at this point before more and more people get hurt.

This isn’t just about Kashmir anymore, this is about all of the tension that has been built up through every cricket match, every hateful speech and every comment made with regards to the great rivalry between India and Pakistan.

This is not a joke, this could be war.

Have you seen the news of the submarine? What do you think the Prime Minister should do? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: @OficialAqeel Via Twitter

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