This Couple From Karachi Used Satire To Point Out How Pakistani Wives Are Treated And Aag Lag Gayi Logon Ko

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 Apr, 2019

This couple just reversed gender roles and the reactions were… interesting. 


Recently, this couple from Karachi shared a very interesting post on social media that has triggered quite a few people

This husband wife duo are two activists from Karachi who run a blog by the name of ‘The Mewly Weds’. They are proud cat parents and love helping all animals in need. They posted two pictures with an interesting caption which has triggered quite the debate online. The picture featured Waleed in a see-through black dupatta covering his entire head, face, and torso.

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This is the face of a wife that spent around 30 hours without seeing her husband. This was right before the General Election Day in Pakistan, #ge2018 , and he worked for two days straight, couldn't even come home the night before the election day. This photo is from the morning after the election night; he came back home, slept for a good ten-twelve hours, gave me and Snow White a thousand cuddles both before and while falling asleep. I remember going to sleep in peace and waking up happy when I knew he was home, curled up around me and Snow White, snoring away in my ear. I also remember the night he spent at work and I was at home: falling asleep did not come as naturally to me as it usually does, my anxious heartbeat was all I could hear as I lay in bed, wrapped in the blanket. You know what was the funniest thing? My ears felt the void because he wasn't there to snore in them. There was a time when I couldn't fall asleep because of his snoring; now I have trouble falling asleep without it. How does this even work, how does love work… I don't know, it just works in the strangest of ways. It was a difficult night despite the knowledge that he'd come home the next day, despite him calling me every now and then to check up on me, despite me being safely at our home and in our bed… Well, what do they say about homes? Sometimes, home is a person. It's scary how dependent one can become on another human. I know it shouldn't be like this; as an adult, as a woman that's independent in many ways and on many levels… I should be okay with this. But I'm not, and right now that's all I know. . . . . #love #life #newlyweds #husband #wife #wemetoninstagram #instagramlovestory #marriage

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The accompanying caption says, “This is my husband. I took him out to dinner last night. Although I prefer he stay at home as the world is a bad place, it is ok when he goes out with me. I love how he modestly hides himself, as he is khuli tijori. Also I let him work and drive cuz equality. Where’s my medal?” and that was it. That is all it took for the internet to collectively lose its shit.


Because they had successfully managed to trigger quite a few people, I talked to the duo and they told me this was satire and it was fully intended to offend those who took offense.

They told me, “The men’s rights movement is propaganda from the West to lead us away from God’s orders because women were created superior to men. Men have been given all the rights in the books, and they should be grateful if we allow them to drive and work. Mard aurat k ghar ki zeenat hota hai, agar mard kuch ghalat karta hai tou aurat ki izzat kharab hoti hai and then she is responsible and accountable. Aurat ko mard pe hukmarani k liay banaya gaya hai, equal rights tab milein jab mard aurat k liay equal hon.” 

The couple clearly has a very strong satire game and a very important message that they’re hoping to impart. This was their attempt to show society a mirror on how women are treated. Men letting women have the least bit of autonomy in our country is applauded and praised. Men who ‘let’ their wives work and drive or make their own decision are hailed as examples of good husbands. But for what? Doing the bare minimum? Treating their wives like human beings? Their post is a nice reminder of how we shouldn’t applaud or even appreciate men who do the bare minimum for their wives. Things she should not be stopped from doing in the first place.


A lot of people appeared to be ‘concerned’ and giving unsolicited advice, the likes of which was seen quite a lot on the internet following the Aurat March.


And of course, there were those enraged by the post as was intended by the couple.

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But what a brilliant way to bring light to such an important issue; treating your significant other with respect and that includes respecting their decisions and wishes.


There’s no better way to put it than the couple did themselves, may we treat each other based on humanity and not gender

What do you think about this couple’s post? Let us know in the comments below.


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