This Differently-Abled Artist Is Ready To Achieve His Dreams Of Being A Professional Designer And It's Super Inspiring

By Mehwish A. W. | 1 Sep, 2019

Meet Uzair, a differently-abled artist, graphic designer, and someone who did not stop believing in his own capabilities or let anything hold him back from pursuing his dreams.

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A budding digital artist, Uzair has an amazing talent of drawing characters from movies and plays as well as making portraits of people around him.

Always sporting an energetic smile on his face, Uzair is an individual with a lot of positive energy. He shared how visual art for him was a way of living in his own imaginary world, which he really loves and enjoys.

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Uzair has cerebral palsy, in which muscle tone and motor skills are impacted, placing movement limitations on the individual. He shares that because of this medical condition, he uses a wheelchair for mobility. Uzair tells us that he also had an operation, which unfortunately wasn’t successful and made things worse for him, as a result of which, he had to leave schooling.

However, he did not lose hope and believed that when God takes something from a person, He gives them something else.

MangoBaaz caught up with Uzair about his visual art skills and asked him what inspires him to create such amazing portraits.

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Uzair did his matriculation privately but when he was in his first year, he had to leave Karachi and shift to Rawalpindi. There, he started taking computer courses, such as graphic designing and web designing but his passion was to learn digital art. A few months back, he found the teacher he was looking for and he started learning it from him.

Uzair says that he is still in the learning phase but he likes to experiment to create something new and different. What started off as a hobby is now going to turn into a career choice for Uzair and that’s the beauty of his story.

When it comes to his favorite artwork, Uzair shared that some of the characters he had made from The Avengers and Game of Thrones were his favorite.

He tells us that that’s his favorite film and series respectively, and therefore, some of his favorite works are characters from these two shows.

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Apart from characters and portraits, Uzair also creates images depicting his inner feelings and desires, such as this one in which he depicts his desire to stand up and play cricket.


The captions under these images further help in portraying his emotions.

Uzair’s talents seem to have no bounds as he also does photography in his spare time.

He captures incredible pictures of architecture, local culture, urban bustle, and simple things that appeal to him in the surroundings that we all may take for granted sometimes.

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While talking to Uzair we also asked him what his advice was for differently-abled people, as well as for people in general and he shared his amazing motto:

“Be yourself and own your world.”

He also suggests that people understand that life is short and we should live every second of it.

There’s no doubting that Uzair has the talent, relentless optimism and ambition to excel in the art he is currently learning! Make sure you check out Uzair’s Instagram page which showcases more of his amazing work, and let us know what you think about his talent in the comments below.


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