This Hamza Ali Abbasi Lookalike Got Trolled By Nida Yasir And Memes Toh Phir Banne Hee Thay

By Janita Tahir | 7 Mar, 2020

Remember Yasir Ammar? Hamza Ali Abbasi’s clone? The one who went viral because of his uncanny resemblance with the Alif star? Well, he is back in the limelight. Although, for a different reason altogether.

Yasir Ammar trolled by Nida Yasir
Image Via Mangobaaz

Recently, Yasir was on Nida Yasir’s show and things got interesting

The conversation started as Nida asked him about his Tik Tok career and then proceeded to gush about how much he looked like Hamza Ali Abbasi. She was amazed at how even his voice matched the actor.

However, instead of basking in that comparison, Yasir said that everybody has his own identity (which is fair) and that besides his deep voice, people have compared him with a lot of other people too (now, this is where things got tricky). Then Yasir proceeded to name other stars who people think he looks like.

For instance, Jamal Shah

So he said he looks like the legendary Jamal Shah and Nida (agreeable so far) nodded her head and was like unn ki jawani se milte hain aap. 

Image Via Youlin Magazine

Then Yasir Ammar went on to claim that he looked like Anil Kapoor too

He was like India se bhe log hain, Anil Kapoor se bhe log mila dete hain. Well then.

Image Via

Nida responded to that, saying, “Koi ammi abbu se bhe milata hai ya nahi.”

Gif Via

That’s when the memes flew in

Pakistanis, not one to back out from a good meme opportunity made sure to document Yasir Ammar and this moment of savagery forever with the help of funny videos.

Yasir Ammar trolled by Nida Yasir
Image Via: Facebook
Image Via: Facebook


There you have it. Did Yasir have it coming? Or is the internet being too mean? Let us know in the comments.


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