This Pakistani Doctor Has Made The Whole Wide World So Tharki, Even We're Shocked

By Arslan Athar | 17 Jun, 2017

This Pakistani doctor just wrecked havoc in the whole world. Oh yeah!

We Pakistanis love the way we look. And why shouldn’t we? Walk around your city and you’re bound to find some runway worthy models all over the place. Pakistan is a land that is blessed in the looks department and we couldn’t be more pleased.


Pakistanis are beautiful toh hum apne baaray mein khud keh rahay hai. But with one Facebook post, this Pakistani doctor has proven that world also sees the beauty of Pakistan too.

Rehan Munir is a doctor, currently working in New York. He made this post a few days back, looking for a place to live and WOAH! Ye Amreeki tou pagal hogaye hai. 

Via: Facebook


Rehan clearly loves to pose

I miss you, New York ? #takemeback #touristmode #nyc #newyork #washingtonsquarepark #withdrawlsymptoms

A post shared by Rehan Munir (@rehanmunir) on

And loves the New York Subway system too

The next stop is Times Sq-42 St Station ? #touristmode #subway #newyork #nyc #boomerang

A post shared by Rehan Munir (@rehanmunir) on

Oh acha, Model bhi hai. Some people are truly blessed

Rehan even looks good in a desi look

#eyesclosed #mouthopen #eidmubarak

A post shared by Rehan Munir (@rehanmunir) on

I suddenly feel dizzy. Doctor Sahab nabz check karein

Okay last one, promise!

Now obviously this man caused a stir in New York

Source: Facebook

New York thirst is so real

Source: Facebook

The tharak was everywhere

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

But then this baji sort of saw through him and ruined everything 

Source: Facebook

Rehan, we’ll just wait for you to come back to Pakistan. Aik dum se our doctors just don’t cut it anymore, wonder why?


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