This Pakistani Singer Paid Tribute To Kashmir In A Beautiful Way

By Noor | 16 Feb, 2022

An event held at the President’s house in Islamabad featured a singing performance by Pakistani singer, Shahroz Khan, and it caught the attention of many people across the country. The performance was not only super entertaining, but it also highlighted a meaningful message.

Shahroz Khan, in an attempt to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir, sang a Kashmiri song

The thing which made the performance unique was that it was sung in the local language. The name of the song was “Meray Watan Teri Jannat Main Ayeinge Ek Din”.


The performance by Shahroz Khan was coupled with a dramatic act as a gesture to support the Kashmiri people against armed oppression

The lyrics of the song expressed hope and a glimpse of a free Kashmir- a vision in line with Jinnah’s, who, till his last breathe fought for an independent Kashmir. The song also shed a light on the violence and genocide Kashmiris have been subjected to. The message communicated via song made it more meaningful and impactful.

Source: @shahrozkhanworld/Instagram

Shahroz started his singing career some time ago and his song with a famous TikToker Areeka Haq made headlines

The song is named akh da nasha and has hit the mark of  3.7 million views.

Source: @shahrozkhanworld/Instagram

Here’s a short clip from his song and it just sounds way too magical


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The singer already has a strong fan base and everyone literally loves him

Source: @shahrozkhanworld/Instagram


Here’s the link to the official website of Shahroz Khan and here’s the link to his Instagram if you want to have a look at his wonderful work.

So, have you already watched Shahroz’s performance? Did you enjoy it? Let us know everything in the comments below.

Cover image via @shahrozkhanworld/Instagram

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