This Rickshaw Driver From Karachi Is Pakistan's Answer To Gully Boy And Inka Time Aa Gaya

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 Mar, 2019

Gully Boy, who? MC Sher? Never heard of him. 


This rapper from North Karachi who is getting attention after a video of his rapping went viral on social media

In the video, you can see a middle-aged Pakistani man in a pink snapback cap as he prepares to spit a few lines on the beat playing in the background.

Source: Ashar Siddiqui via


He talks about how he is from North Karachi, born and raised.

There is also a dog in the video, which the man points towards and calls his own. The entire video is pretty fun to watch and his rapping skills are honestly pretty great. The video shows you how popular rap has become all over the world.

Source: Ashar Siddiqui via

With the recent release of Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy and its massive success in Pakistan, we know there is an audience in the country that enjoys rap music and how the people in the region have made rap their own. The example of Bohemia comes to mind, a Punjabi rapper that is loved by thousands in Pakistan.


In the rap, he even says the people of Karachi don’t trust the politicians and gives them the finger in the video.

The entire thing is very fun to watch, you can see a few young boys hyping him up in the background.

Source: Ashar Siddiqui via

He drops the N-word a few times which is honestly, a little uncomfortable for me. But well, that’s a deeper and much longer conversation for another time.

You can watch the rapper’s performance below:

What do you think about this man’s talent? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Ashar Siddiqui via

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