This Strange Incident Of Alleged Attempted Murder In Islamabad Has Left People Furious

By Maryam Khalid | 22 Sep, 2019

A strange incident of alleged attempted murder took place in DHA 2, Islamabad on 17th September 2019. Reportedly, the young son of a retired major allegedly attempted to murder a young married man by hitting him with his car.

In the CCTV footage, it is seen that the culprit’s car took a wrong turn on the main DHA 2 roundabout (McDonald’s Chowk) and came head-on to the victim’s car.

The victim stopped the reckless driver and exchanged some hot words. The victim was still walking back to his car when the culprit reversed his car and hit him with maximum speed, while the victim was facing the other way.

The victim, identified as a telecom engineer and a father of a two-month-old daughter received multiple head injuries and is lying unconscious at CMH Rawalpindi.

A family friend of the victim took to Twitter to narrate the horrific incident.

The culprit was identified to be the son of retired Major Zubair, 62nd PMA, who is allegedly pressurizing the victim’s father to drop charges against his son. 

Pakistanis are absolutely baffled by this brutal turn of events.

People talked about how the parents who defend their children in such a situation should also be held responsible.

People are demanding strict punishment for the culprit.

Others are hoping for a speedy recovery for the victim.

According to the latest bit of shared information, an FIR under PPC section 324 has been registered and the culprit has been arrested.

May justice be provided to the victim’s family. This is highly appalling, but also quite common. Perhaps it’s time we start holding people accountable, rather than letting these incidents become the norm.

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Cover image via @mxyhxn/ Twitter 

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