This Is The Toughest Decision You Will Ever Make In Your Whole Life

By Khadija Zaidi | 5 Oct, 2016

Have you ever felt a deep connection to not one but two people, all at the same time? Have you ever loved one but also secretly lusted for the other?

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This, ladies and gentleman, is what ‘cheating’ is.

It has been proven to be perhaps the primary reason why relationships fail, generally, and is thus one of the most serious concerns that need to be addressed.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


How, for instance, can someone be so basic, so vile, so heartless, so as to not be able to pick a favorite?

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


Well, sometimes the choices can be difficult.

Like Deepika or Katrina



Mahira Khan or Mehwish Hayat



Hamza Ali Abbasi or Fawad Khan



But honestly, this one has got to be the hardest decision you will ever have to make in your life.


Biryani and Pulao? 

Yes. In times of war, let us bring your attention to an extremely important yet ongoing debate, that is, “who wins? Biryani or Pulao?”

Source: thismuslimgirlbakes
Source: thismuslimgirlbakes



The moment I raised this debate in a group chat, I sensed the animosity that was bubbling and could’ve resulted in a war- a war where more passion was never felt and more tears were never shed. On my part, I’d like to establish two things. The first, that yes, Sindhi Biryani is real Biryani and the second, that Pulao is a FAR more delicate dish than Biryani can ever aspire to be.

That being said, like in every election, as responsible voters, let us first take a look at what the two candidates have to offer. (This is my favorite part).



Let’s talk about Biryani first.

Historically speaking, from among the many theories surrounding its roots in Iran, India, Middle East etc., the one that is particularly interesting is its trace to Mumtaz Mahal. Apparently, she once visited army barracks and found the army personnel undernourished. She asked the chef to prepare what was considered, back then, a ‘healthy meal’, (ahem ahem), and thus the Biryani came into being.

A layered dish of succulent chicken cooked in rich masala and decadently fragrant rice, a dash of lemon for zest and maybe, just maybe, some ilaichi if you feel real Mughal. All in all, a bite of steaming Biryani with tender spicy chicken and aaloo, coupled with a gorgeous podeena raita, MY GOD my stomach’s growling just typing this.


What about Pulao?

Let us move on to finer things. Shall we? Yes, I understand I’m attracting a lot of hate, saying this but listen to me:

I say ‘finer’ because Pulao (or Pilaf, or Pilao, Pilav or whatever else you call it based on where in the world you’re born ), DEMANDS that you use good quality rice , like Basmati, and since the rice is in fact cooked in seasoned broth, it makes for an extremely rich pot of rice. It’s probably the most widely consumed Middle Eastern dish, but let’s just not get into that, for now.

Every time you see (or smell) a daig of succulent , sticky, hot Pulao, your insides don’t dance and your cheeks don’t fill with a gleeful red and all that paani in your moun? When you wait in line at a wedding, you wish, oh how you wish, that you could send the two aunties in front of you flying in separate directions, and finally have a moment with your beloved. After all, this is what you dressed up for.


Decision time

That being said, I’m going to hold back my emotions for just a bit and allow you some room for reflection. All I can give you is, be true to yourself, be true to your beloved, learn that ‘commitment’ isn’t a bad thing.

The choice is yours. Relationships with food are (obviously) the most important ones, so don’t let this go. So when you come home from work after a tiring day, who would you rather end up curled in bed with watching Game of Thrones, or even Narcos, Biryani or Pulao?


 To vote for the most important ‘election’ of your life, click on the image you prefer: 

Choose wisely.

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