17 Things That Your University Best Friends Do, For Which You Will Always Be Grateful

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Jul, 2017

When it comes to people who matter in life, your best friends are right up there in that ranking alongside your family. To have supportive, loving best friends who pull through all the time is rare.

And some of the best friendships you make in life are made in college. The people we meet in university effect us in a number of ways.

We partnered with our friends at Capital University, to talk about all the things we are grateful to our college best friends for. Everything from their diverse backgrounds and appreciation to their constant support and yummy food. There are certain things for which you will always be grateful for:

1. Put up with your nakhras

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They put up with all the whining, complaining and all the times you feel like you need to have your way with things. They definitely deserve gratitude for that.


2. Teach you things you would have never learned in the classroom

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The best thing about making friends in college is that you get to meet hundreds of different people from all around the place. KPK, Punjab, Balochistan – learning about different cultures and backgrounds is one of the coolest things you get to learn in university.

FYI, Capital University has some of the most diverse kids in the country, right in the heart of Islamabad.


3. Be your punching bag

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We can always count on our friends for being our outlets for venting, or to be on the receiving ends of all rants. They also know how to tackle with these situations in the best possible way.


4. Act like your safety net

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You know your friends will always have your back, no matter what. They make you stronger and are a constant source of reassurance.


5. Build you up when university brings you down

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There are times when you feel so broken that a silver lining seems like a pipe dream. Your best friends always step in and give you multiple reasons to cheer you up and reconstruct your spirit.


6. Give you all the yummy food from all over the country

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Best friends feed best friends. Bus. And having friends from different cities? Uff, iftaari ho gaye. Bring on the chapshoro from Hunza, Phitti from Gilgit and Charsi tikka from Peshawar.

7. But give you the karwah sach as well

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They don’t hold back when it comes to brutal honesty. Because let’s face it – sometimes, we need the karwa sach to set our minds straight.


8. Understand you better than anyone else

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No one understands us better than our closest friends. They’re our confidants and know us inside out. They’re who you go to in times of distress or when you’re in need of empathy.


9. Appreciate you and make you feel important

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There are times when you end up doubting yourself or start feeling insignificant. However, your friends always know what to say to make you feel better. They always make you feel included and like you belong. They’re your home away from home.


10. And learn new languages

Source: Punjab Group Of Colleges

I mean, your friends may teach you a bad word here and there but oh well. Resume peh likh lena!


11. Make time for you, despite being busy

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No matter what happens, they will always go out of their way to make sure you’re okay. Even if they’re swamped with a whole lot of important work, they will always make time for you.


12. Give you a home everywhere you go

Source: Capital University of Science and Technology Via: YouTube

Having a diverse friend group, whether they’re your best friends from home, the northern areas or Sindh –  you’ll always have a place to go and call home. Summers in Hunza and winters in Karachi? Yes please.


13. Pick up where you left off without any awkwardness

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If you’re long distancing with your best friends, there is zero awkwardness when you guys talk after ages. They don’t make things difficult by acting distant or by holding grudges. They acknowledge that people get busy and are more than understanding every time you reconnect.


14. Be your constant support system

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Whatever happens, you know you’ll always have them for support. They’ll be your shoulder to cry on. They’ll guide you when you’re lost. They’re always there for you and they’ve always got your back.


15. Forgive you for the fuck-ups

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Every time you make mistakes or get yourself into a messy situation despite being warned, they’re there to welcome you back into their forgiving and compassionate arms.


16. Be a part of some of your best memories

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You know you will always be grateful for the memories you’ve made with your best friends. You’re grateful to have such beautiful people to share those moments with. You would not have it any other way.- all around the country, you’ll always have friends everywhere.


17. Stand by you, come what may

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You know you’ve got friends for life when you make it through the worst fights, the awkward phases and the inevitable clash of personalities and egos that happens in almost any kind of relationship. You have been through it all and come out stronger. For that, you will always be grateful.

This post was sponsored by The Punjab Group.

Capital University is the cultural capital of Pakistan and has students from all over enrolled. You’ll be guaranteed to find the most diverse kids there, all of whom will be your friends for life.

Find out more about the university and what it has to offer here.

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