Here's What Will REALLY Happen Between The US And Pakistan After THAT Phone Call

By Aam Nawab | 1 Dec, 2016

The US and Pakistan haven’t always been on the best of relations, and Mr. Trump hasn’t been known to make statements that were favorable to Pakistanis. But by now, everyone is aware of the (in)famous conversation between Donald Trump and Nawaz Sharif that was shared by the Press Information Department of the Pakistani Ministry of Broadcasting. We now know what American President-elect Donald Trump really thinks about Pakistan, Pakistanis and our Prime Minister. But did you know all the things that they talked about that weren’t made public?

Presenting, exclusively from our White House special correspondent Mr. Aam Nawab, all the things Mr. Trump and Mr. Sharif talked about that you aren’t aware of yet:


1. A nihari delivery service will be started that will take fresh nihari from Lahore to the US on special helicopters



2. Containers exported from Islamabad will be set up in Washington D.C. to prevent any Hillary tsunamis from entering the US capital

Source: Khursheed Ahmed


3. America is planning to inaugurate the Orange Line Metro Train from Lahore to New York



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4. The Washington D.C. will have a “Make America Great Again Chowk” on Pennsylavnia Avenue



5. American first daughter Ivanka Trump will be distributing laptops among deserving students in the US



6. Ms. Maryam Nawaz Sharif will be opening up a store of “Maryam Sharif” branded handbags and shoes after consultation with Ms. Trump



7. First lady of the US, Melania Trump is getting speech lessons from her Pakistani counterpart, Mrs. Kalsoom Sharif


8. A direct access Whatsapp group will be set up between the two families countries



9. Twitter star and Minister of State for Water and Power, Abid Sher Ali will be holding special Skype classes to train Mr. Trump on his Twitter usage



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10. Plans for expulsion of refugees were exchanged between the two countries



11. Pakistan will be exporting cement for the wall between the US and Mexico

Via: Reddit


Pakistan and America, ban gaye bhai, bhai.


Editor’s Note: This is a piece of satire and there is no intention to target anyone, other than with harmless, humorous jibes.

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