11 Important Reasons Why You NEED To Go On Vacation With Your Bae

By Nai Dulhan | 26 May, 2019

Lately, my husband and I had been fighting a lot. Things were pretty tense between us and even the slightest thing would trigger a full-fledged battle.

“Why is the food late?”

“Why did you leave the laundry on the floor?”

“Why are you always complaining?”

Everything and anything started us off and we just became angry and resentful towards each other. To my surprise, one day, he called me up and told me we’re going on a vacation and lo and behold, it was the best decision that he could have taken. Moreover, this vacation was the even better than the one we took right after our honeymoon! So, ladies and gentlemen, this is why you should be taking a vacation with your other half:

1. You rediscover each other

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The last vacation we took was 4 years ago, since then so much has changed. When you’re alone with your partner you discover new things about each other – You fall in love with each other once again. Kasmay! 

2. You’re away from all the background noise

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People instigating you or your husband, saas/bahu drama, chores, life, and its responsibility – you leave that behind for a few blissful days with your beloved. It helps the relationship to heal, any sore spots to fill and the love to come back between you two as there is no third person to influence your life.

3. You understand each other’s feelings a tad bit better

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When you take a break from life and its frustrations, you focus on your other half – completely and fully. This leads to you understanding each other better – it’s science, I swear!!

4. You reconnect as friends

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Remember when you guys were friends and not into a hardcore relationship? Matlab, no expectations, but lots of laughs and shughal, minus the app jenaab? Well, that’s what you get to experience once again when you’re away on a fun vacay with your other half.

5. The heat between you two fizzles down when the stress level decreases

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P.S: No, this is not the good kind of heat we’re talking about.

When on vacation, you just want to have fun and not fight. So you both are more accommodating and nice to each other – hence, jub zindagi mai larai ka stress nahi hota toh life becomes beautiful and fun again.

6. It’s the perfect time to talk it out with each other

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Your daily routine, work, and life stress, alongside the burden of a million responsibilities not only make you grumpy, but also keeps you on your toes. Admit it, sometimes you don’t even find the time to talk to each other or make meaningful conversation with each other. But going on a vacation together gives you plenty of chances to do so, especially without any interference from external people (Read: Uhhh in-laws maybe?)

7. You grow as individuals

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Although going on a vacation with your partner can be fruitful for you guys as a couple, travelling in general helps you discover yourself as a person, and help you grow as well. You see the world, you experience different cultures and meet new people, which helps liberate your mind and thinking – Ja Simran, jee lay apni zindagi. 

8. You feel like loving and feel loved again

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Admit it, you probably hate your partner when you’re stuck in a rut and doing that 9-5 pm shit over and over again. And we’re sure they feel the same way. But that one break from your regular, stressful life can help you focus on the other person for once and vice versa. Nateeja? Pyaar, sirf pyaar, aur khch nahin. 

9. You’re ready to start over and forget about whatever drew you apart

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A vacation is like a cheat code to re-wire your brain and your heart. You start fresh and are ready to take on whatever shit life throws at you. Even if it means being okay with clothes thrown outside the laundry basket. You’re ready to forgive and move on because you’re in your zen moment for the time being, until it all starts to overheat again and it’s time for a new vacation. Hosla kerain, hosla. 

10. Going back home doesn’t seem half as bad now

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You know what, at the end of it, you actually miss home and your common, mundane life. Yes, the same life you hated before you hopped on that plane/train/car or whatever that is taking you away from the shit, mad life that you deal with on a regular basis. You miss the comfort of your bed and bathroom. Ghar ki murghee ki kadar aa jati hai. 

11. You look forward to more holidays with your spouse

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You can’t wait to plan your next vacation with your partner. The experience leaves you fulfilled, happy and very excited for your next adventure.

So people, what’re you waiting for? Plan that vacation already and let us know where you’re planning to go in the comments below.


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