Oye Virgos, Here's Everything You Should Know About Why This Virgo Month Is Important For You

By Ramsha Bhatti | 20 Sep, 2018

The sixth sign in the astrological year is shining in all its glory as Virgos joyfully celebrate their birthdays this Virgo season. The stars have been generous when it comes to Virgos: Mercury as the ruling planet is what makes most Virgos quick-thinkers, observant, and analytical.

Since it’s Virgo season, we did some research on what their birth month actually means for Virgos.

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Its the best time to reconsider all of your options!

Back to back retrogrades, eclipses, and a mixture of other astronomical anomalies must have you, and all other zodiacs, exhausted and drained. So all the projects and relationships which have gone downhill in the past few months can finally be resurrected, fixed, and maintained. There are no more eclipses clouding your thoughts, so put in your best efforts to fix things and make projects work!

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It’s time to focus on yourselves

While Virgos are known for putting others first, this is the time to prioritize their own needs and plans so they can set up the next 12 months to flow in the direction they desire.

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New Year = New You!

Can’t wait for December 31st to make new resolutions and get a gym subscription? Well, don’t then. The August/September Virgo new moon restarts your astronomical calendar which means you are in your new year.

Get your planners ready and focus on the goals you wish to achieve. Since you finally have the clarity that you need, it would be a better time to have your goals set for the upcoming new year of the Mayan calendar, giving you a headstart.

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Also, don’t hold back when making goals and plans. Go big, or go home!

Spice up your bucket list and get adventurous. This Virgo season brings along good luck for you so you might as well make good use of that and tick a few things off your bucket list. Don’t shy away when making plans for an adventure or a trip, be adventurous.

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There will be transformations

As Virgo season gets closer to its end, around the end of September, there will be changes taking place. The change of the season, from Virgo to Libra, will bring about changes for the Virgo in terms of understanding and spirituality. It is the best time to make use of this enlightenment or perspective change to build relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, and enhance your relationships.

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No need to overwork or overcompensate

Virgos are born perfectionists. The Mercury moon not only blesses them with wit and intelligence but also entrusts them with the capacity to execute finesses in everything they do. However, this does not mean that Virgos are robots and will perform anything and everything effectively; they also need to be happy with what they do for them to be able to find the motivation to perfect it.

So if you are Virgo who hates their job, now would be a good time to quit it, take the paycheck and follow your dreams. The Virgo season seems to be warding off all the misfortune the first half of this year had to offer and things can be seen to be getting smooth for Virgos with the emergence of this years Virgo season.

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Things will finally be falling into place

Wish the bad luck brought upon by the back-back retrogrades buh-bye! The falling relationships, procrastination, inefficient projects, all will have a turn of events. All the things which have been piling up in the past few months can now be dealt with by you and you will rock it. A Virgo’s driving energy and attentiveness will be back to help them ace everything making the transition from failure to success real smooth. Also, since your energy is finally back, now would be a good time to do a much needed social media scanning to filter out any toxicity!

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Self-care needs to be a top priority!

Everyone’s been procrastinating since the past few months and we know who to blame (hints at the first astronomically disastrous 8 months of 2018). However, now is the time for a change, as we have said a thousand times, so get your care routine sorted out. Get your gym subscription, buy those skin care items, got to a doctor, treat yo’ self mentally, physically, and superficially.

It is important to brush off the stress that you’ve been hiding for months and finally pamper yourself. You seriously need to pay heed to self-care since all of these changes and developments will be of tantamount importance as you head-on into a new year. How about trying the new Keto Diet trend? Or maybe pilates? Or maybe even those new facial oils all influencers on Instagram have been raving about?

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So there’s your guide on how your birthday month will affect you and what it means for you. Stay lucky, stay perfect, and happy birthday. Enjoy the last few days of your season.


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