We Know What Kind Of A Student You Are (Or Were) Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Nai Dulhan | 17 Feb, 2019

All of you either have been students at some point or are currently dealing with being one. The stars have a lot to say with regards to what kind of a student you are. So, let’s dig deep into each zodiac sign and figure you out:


Type of student you are: Class ka leader

You’re intelligent, and you’re a born leader. You will be the first one to raise your hand if your group needs a leader. What’s more? You will have a plan chalked out before anyone can even lift their pencil up. Bhei, you don’t give a flying joota if no one likes your ideas because you will follow exactly what you’ve planned.

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Type of student you are: The one who can’t learn through ratta, but still gets the grades

You are one of those people who can’t rote learn – it’s just not your thing. You’re more visual rather than theoretical. You learn best when whatever you’re learning is right in front of you rather than written in a book. You learn as you work and are up in your game when it comes to completing assignments and getting things done on time. Aap sub khuch apnay words mai likhtay hain because apko ratta nahi lagana atta.

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Type of student you are: The born cheetay

You’re the kind of student who’s probably gifted with a photographic memory. Once you’re told something, you will rarely forget it, especially if it involves keeping the big details in mind. You also love to help other people out. The cool thing is that once you like a particular field of study, you will want to learn everything about it and go into every depth to find out everything about it.

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Type of student you are: The driven go-getter

Jee haan, you’re one of those people who will work super duper hard and achieve your goals. The thing with your goals is that you are totally focused on them and know exactly what you want. You’re not one of those people who will leave things for the last moment – you will be focused from the very start because you are persistent and very determined to get every ounce of that amazing grade!

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Type of student you are: The one who gives those “Sub bheno/bhaion ka aik bhai/bhen” vibes

You’re not only a great student, but you’re also a great teacher. You’re one of those people jinkay pass last minute per sub purhnay aa rehay hotay hain, and you literally don’t have time to study because you’re busy helping everyone out. But you still manage to get the grades. Your secret to success is that you get your work done super fast! You’re such an amazing teacher because you know exactly what you’re talking about and can provide guidance like a true leader of the pack.

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Type of student you are: The one who will make their papa super proud

You are very hard working and you want the whole world to know it. You’re one of those students who will always put their assignments first and fun later, and you work hard AF to get the grade you want. You are also super proud of your work and since you’re a natural learner, you’re one of the best students in the class.

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Type of student you are: School purhnay kon jata hai yaar?!

Excuse me, are we here to learn? I think not! That is your philosophy at school. You’re one of those students who just like to go to school to socialize with people and have a good time. You study well in groups and always want someone to validate your ideas and opinions in school work and projects. You hate working alone and hate school-work even more!

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Type of student you are: The jazbati learner

You’re one of those students who will go to the end of the world to get that one little piece of information no one else would be bothered about. You’re as passionate a learner and student as you are a person. It’s all up in your veins yaar! Once something interests you, you will research your ass off and that will be the sole purpose of your existence for a while. Homework and projects are not a burden for you and you love doing them.

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Type of student you are: The one who believes in mehnat and lagan

You love to explore whatever you’re learning; whether it involves watching a documentary or going to the actual place to learn and soak up information – whatever helps you connect personally with the subject. You love taking educational trips and studying artifacts. History could be your favorite subject, only because of your love of exploration.

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Type of student you are: Jiska purhai ka scene bus on hai

You just get everything. It’s stupid and crazy, but you’re one of those people who will be seen nodding your head and saying, “theek hogaya, yeh to halwa hai yaar”, while the others are just staring into space and not getting a thing! You are not afraid to raise your hand and ask a million questions from the teacher. We won’t be surprised if you point out a mistake the teacher has made! You’re that smart and mentally present. You also love helping people who don’t understand enough in the class and will probably be the leader of your group.

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Type of student you are: The fankaar

You’re creative and not afraid to show it to everyone. Every project and work that you do will have an element of creativity in it and pata lag jai ga that it’s your work! You’re innovative and think very meticulously about how you will get your shit done for it to be something out of this world. You’re so particular that you might even get frustrated if things don’t go your way. You’re good at everything, especially math!

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Type of student you are: Jisko sub khuch perfect chahiye

You need everything to be perfect, you just NEED it. Pisces, you are very hard on yourself and you will never take a day off from school. You are also very detail oriented and can get super stressed out over the smallest of things. You keep on over thinking about everything in your life, even if that includes your school work. All-nighters to get that project pimped to perfection is very common behavior from you. But don’t worry; this hard work never goes unnoticed.

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So, can you relate to any one of these types? How accurate is this? Let us know in the comments below.


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