Here’s What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 17th December – 23rd December

By Nai Dulhan | 17 Dec, 2018

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The December sun is off on vacations and we are officially surviving each week on heaters and karak chai. But you know what is going to make your chilly winter nights even warmer? A dose of our weekly reading of what your week is going to look like.

Let’s just dive right into is shall we?



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Ever read a fantasy book, complete with whimsical jungles and encounters with people from beyond? Yeah, that is exactly what your week is going to look like.

On Monday, focus on numbers and what they mean to you. This is going to be fun, trust us. You won’t even know and the time will slide by. The middle of the week seems a little closer to reality and well, not so much fun. Things might not seem in your control but you know what is in your control? Physical activity. Don’t stop moving or shaking those legs and keep your fitness game strong. This will keep you motivated, even when the week is ready to bog you down.

Friday looks more cheery and happy as you will be in the mood to sit back, relax and just unwind. Sunday is all about you and your relationship with your bistar. Sleep all you can.



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On Monday, you will probably be playing referee between two of your closest friends – Be careful though, you know how easy it is to get tangled into someone else’s situation and fuck things up for yourself. Word of advice, apnay kaam se kaam rakhain.  Find a way to get yourself away from this toxic situation without anyone noticing that you’re exiting. One way to do this is by just realizing and admitting that it wasn’t your place in the first place. After all, would you rather back off from someone else’s fight than lose a buddy? The answer is pretty obvious.

By the middle of the week things will have settled down and the patch up phase will start. From the middle of the week, till the end, things will be rosy and warm once more and you will probably sigh with relief. The weekend will be more exciting and fun. Sunday is heavy on the emotions but not as much action expected as you experienced earlier in the week.



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Communication seems easy on Monday and it seems as if everyone gets what you’re saying today. But sadly, on Tuesday, the game will completely change and you will see that the same communication strategy will not work with your family anymore. Lol, after all, it is a desi family we’re talking about, unko baat na samajh ana is a totally normal phenomenon.

The same frustration will apply to Wednesday and Thursday as well. Bhei apka week aisay he guzray ga – family se phadday ke saath. It’s okay though, it happens. Every one goes through a rough patch with the family. In the mean time, you will also be busy with handling effective communication revolving around the rest of your life. Uff, mushkil waqt hai! Until the jumma break going on to Saturday, you will probably be focusing on one person only. One person on whom the spotlights will land on. On Sunday, you are entering a realm which you know nothing about. Be careful.



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On Monday, you’re all about showing off and going big, because the bigger, the better and more grand. You feel good, you look good and you’re doing good – so why shouldn’t the world know?

On Tuesday though, you need to simmer that ego down and focus on the real life and quality of interactions you have with people.  By Wednesday and Thursday go ahead and make a plan to get away from this everyday grind (A trip to Muree maybe?). Focus on the little things that make you and other people happy.

On Friday and Saturday, make sure you spend time at home or close to your home as there will probably be some issues that you will need to tackle personally, especially if you don’t plan for them to blow out of proportion. If you don’t tackle them personally, yeah, it might be a problem. Good Luck!



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At the start of this week, you have your fucking game on POINT! You’re the man, you’re the star, you’re the woman of the hour. The highest supreme power. Remember, whatever that you do, make sure to follow your heart and get into the deeper end with full confidence.

However, on Tuesday, the harsh reality will start to kick in and the world will start making you realize your aukaat. You might find yourself going into your own shell and trying to hide from the people – try not to let anyone pull you down yaar! Wednesday and Thursday are relatively quiet days – rather grim in some ways but on Friday, you’re back into your game mode.

Friends, family, fun and these winter nights are perfect for your party mood. This mood will go on through to Saturday. Sunday should be spent with family.



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The starting of the week is going to get you hella’ busy already. You can’t possibly handle all that and everything. You know being busy is the best thing ever, but you seem to be a little too busy for your own well being. Just pop that anxiety balloon with a needle and let all that tension and stress out. In other words, take a chill pill yaar! Kaam bhe hota rehay ga jani.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are busy but very productive days – you will have done lots of things in the limited time you have! This is a very good time to make plans and discuss big ideas and also clean up. Woohoo!

On Friday, you will make time for shopping. Shopping for something special perhaps? Saturday will have you thinking about your finances while Sunday is going to challenge your thinking and intellect.



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Even though it might seem like you don’t have the answers to everything, there will be someone who thinks you will. They will hail you as a hero and will give you your very own throne. The thing is that you are good at listening, especially in the middle of the week, and nobody has anything against you as such. Which is good, because this is what is making you so popular and approachable.

On Friday, there is going to be some serious flirting going on which will make your heart skip a beat every now and then. Your mind however will be focusing on the beauty of the situation.

There will be some unexpected twists and turns which will eventually turn into business on Sunday.



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Work might be somewhat of a worry for you on Monday – mainly because your boss is a bitch. Even if he/she isn’t a bitch, he will probably act like one. If you feel that you have to take every step with caution, we can tell you that it is pretty smart thinking. Always trust your gut because it is not wrong. Being out in the limelight is not in your cards at the moment and it is best to lay low.

By the middle of the week, a certain someone will let you in on a very important secret. This is most probably going to change the way you see things, especially those you think you had figured out. By Thursday, helping out a friend will be very rewarding emotionally. Good on you!

The key to making sure you remain happy all throughout the week is to take your time with things. Sunday is about coming out stronger and rebuilding yourself.



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Be happy and be merry as everything seems to be in place on Monday. You’re happy and it is showing on your face. You can’t wipe the smile off of your face. Luck seems to be on your side and we know you deserved it. It was well worth the wait and sacrifice.

By the middle of the week, someone with authority will probably try to mess with your mojo but you will bounce right back into it by Friday. Friends and family have your back and they’ll come out in your support.

Your plans for the weekend seem more in reach now, as productivity and positivity is on the high this week. Sunday is a good day to think and reflect.



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Boy were you wrong when you thought you had a certain someone figured out to the 100%. Nope, they are still a mystery. Whatever predictions and preconceived notions you had on Monday, throw them out of the window. However, don’t let things go just like that.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, snoop around and do some research. There are a ton of things that you are unaware of, so much to find out. You don’t even know the depth of information there is to dig. Sheesh! Sooch ke he paseena aa gaya. On Thursday, however, you are going to get some serious stuff done and will finally give a big sigh of relief. That one was tough!

By Friday you will be ready to take on a new challenge. The weekend will have its own challenges for you but have an open mind. Sunday will probably spent with the light company of friends and loved ones.



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Be ready for an unlikely adventure on Monday. Something on the lines of your car breaking down in the middle of the road. It will be hella’ annoying at first, but after a while you’ll go with the flow and just take things in their natural flow. Hasn’t anyone told you that some of the best experiences begin with the most unexpected and bad situations? Well, take Monday as that. Plus, it will be a good learning lesson for you to think about for the rest of the week.

Wednesday and Thursday are more about work and business. Whereas, Friday is driven by communication and socially active interactions which might stimulate your smart brain cells. On Saturday, you come face to face with a challenge that makes you go WOW!!!! Just relax on Sunday, you deserve it!



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The way you approach things is working for you pretty well, but that might not be the case with someone else. It is very imperative to realize that you need not be bossy, especially this week.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you might be giving some valuable and wise criticism, but it is not going to be everyone’s cuppa tea. People might not be interested in hearing your point of view at all. Honestly, Ouch! But, maintain your izzat and keep your views going vocal to a limited.  Healthy relationships with those you love are what you should be focusing on, because these will keep you grounded and sane. Solve any problems with a partner or spouse right away and don’t let it linger on.


So there you have it folks, your weekly horoscope is done. How does the week look for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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