Here’s What This Week's Going To Be Like For You, According To Your Horoscope | 24th December – 30th December

By Nai Dulhan | 24 Dec, 2018

Hey, fellow mangoes. We hope the last week was fantastic. We’re here with your weekly dose of horoscope predictions to help you prepare for the week of 24th December to 31st December 2018. So let’s jump right into it!


Monday morning for you is going to be like any other typical Monday morning. You just want to be cuddled up into your bed, not ready to face the sun and cringing at the idea of living life. The mood continues on Tuesday as well because you are just not ready for adulting. Nope. You won’t be back from the living dead until the mid of the week and will finally start warming up to the idea of meeting and greeting people with a straight face. By Thursday you will be back in the game with full swing and swagger, ready to hit it with friends and strangers alike. Hmm you’re on fire! Friday seems a little slow because you will need to focus on your career a little bit. By Sunday, you’ll be back int your groove again.



You know, we understand that you feel like letting things go on Monday and Tuesday, but we also know that this is something that is not a part of your perfectionist personality. For you, everything is important, even the emotions are running high and wild. You might even feel jealous of someone over something so trivial that it will make you question your own sanity as well. Tough situation to be in, really.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you might want to practice moderation and modesty. Handle only those emotions that you can sustain in the long run as well. Don’t take any relationships for granted and remind people often what they mean to you. By Friday, you will start to feel better about yourself and start coming to your old self. This mood will last you into the weekend as well.



Your top priority at the moment is health and fitness. Even the smallest symptom will get your fingers searching Google like crazy. Akhir masla kya hai androoni, will be the mission of your life! Although, there might be little to worry about, but your major interest and intention is to maintain your and a close one’s well being. On Tuesday, you will be in observation mode, making sure you monitor your body as well as of others around you. You are a detective of your health at the moment. Wednesday and Thursday will be all about a deeper analysis of things. On Friday, you will ask more questions and get less answers – which will be very frustrating. Saturday will be a day for discoveries but on Sunday you might come across someone who will answer all your crazy questions.



Imagine you are in a ship and it is rocking and throwing you off guard every few seconds. Or, imagine that you’re signing a document, but your signature is just sliding off the paper. Yeah, that is how your Monday and Tuesday are going to look like. By Wednesday, this ship you’re in will trend into steadier waters. This is the time to invest some time in yourself and take care of yourself. Nurture yourself, love yourself and care for yourself only. You will probably not be in the mood to be too social on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are slow and you’d rather stay at home and chill with your mom or something. On Sunday, you will be more open to meeting new people and being social.




You know pal, sometimes, to get to the root of something, you have to uproot the whole damn garden and examine the soil. On Monday and Tuesday, you will be in this situation as things below the eye level will need your attention. I’m sure it sounds boring, but you gotta do it man! By Wednesday and Thursday, things will have changed and will become the exact opposite of boring. You will have fun, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. Romance will be in the air and excitement will run high! Friday and Saturday will be the same as you will be cruising through the week with the same zeal. Sunday will be spent with a special someone, but we would suggest you to keep your cool and not cling too much.



On Monday and Tuesday, you seem a little restless – this is good. It will come in handy to you. It is sort of like an insatiable need to gain knowledge and know. Obviously, as always, this leads to some major progress at work and otherwise. It is safe to say that at this point in time, you are a freaking genius! But just like a Star Plus drama, something or someone is going to stop you from being so awesomely gifted on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday are your canvas – be open and be creative. Sunday calls for something new which you haven’t tried before.



On Monday and Tuesday all you can think about is money, money and wait, what’s that? MONEY! No, no, don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying your a gold digger. You’re just in thinking mode and there is nothing wrong with thinking. What do you want to do with money? What is the worth of the things that you want? These are questions that require some serious thought and consideration, don’t they? You will be willing to talk about these to people and have conversations about it on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday will be about you reminiscing about your past and feeling a little down. But worry not, a bang of romance on Sunday will bring you right back up to the good things in life.



The two key themes of your life in the beginning of this week are rebuilding yourself and coming out even stronger than before. Focus on these. The old is going to be replaced by the new. You will want to connect and network with friends, family and colleagues. And in return, they will also feel more connected to you, especially by Wednesday and all the days after this. You will be able to do things that you wouldn’t normally want to do, especially on your own on Thursday. This is big, huge! Friday and Saturday will be magical as you will feel as if everyone around you is in a great mood. We all know how rare that is, and amazing too. On Sunday, be open to conflicts in the family.



Sometimes it is totally okay to be in a bad mood. We all have shitty days, so it’s no big deal. Your Monday and Tuesday is probably going to be so. Try not to rub this mood off on other people though, especially if it is something you can control. But that doesn’t mean hide your feelings and just die inside. There is a way to communicate feelings in a civil manner too you know. By Wednesday, everything will simmer down anyway – go with the flow. Thursday will be a cheerful day. You might want to bring your own lunch to work on Friday.

As the week is coming to a close, you start thinking about smarter ways to save and spend money. Saturday might be a perfect disaster if you decide to go shopping – better not then. Sunday is all about communication and being creative.



It’s ya birthday month! Woot Woot! Monday or Tuesday are big decision days and don’t worry, there are plenty of people who can help you make this decision. Have trust on their judgement as they are smart people – after all, they’re your friends. There might be some things which won’t be possible on Wednesday or Thursday – but they are after all, possible. This is only as long as you keep yourself going forward and don’t shy away emotionally or mentally from the game.

You must keep your emotions in your control and try not to let things get to you. Friday and Saturday are rewarding days for all the patience you have practiced earlier in the week. Sunday is high on excitement. Have fun!



Career progress thoughts at the start of your week are good. You must have them as they are healthy thought to have. You are progressive, ambitious and larger than life sort of a person and while these are wonderful characteristics to have, they might be a source of stress as well. But rewards in your future will be a result of all that stress you took and how you used it in the best way.

On Wednesday and Thursday, try to relieve some of this stress with a gathering with friends or just having a good game of cricket/Ludo. Anything which involves you interacting and laughing with other people. Friday and Saturday will gear you up to get your focus in line and start working towards your goals once more. Sunday will be a beautiful day, both physically and in terms of how your soul is feeling.



Monday and Tuesday have you in a strange scenario. You are in dangerous waters, of which you don’t know much of. There are some big, scary fish lurking nearby but it is hard to tell whether they are there to swallow you whole or guide you to safer grounds. There is no point in getting yourself worked up over these thoughts though, but be careful this week, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday, you are surrounded by loved ones and friends who have a protective shield around you. There is hardly a chance that anyone will do you any harm on this day. Saturday is a relaxed day while Sunday will make you happy in a number of ways.


There you have it folks, your weekly report of what your week is going to look like. Anything good happening for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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