Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 10th December – 16th December

By Maliha Khan | 10 Dec, 2018

Weekly Love Horoscope to help you navigate dil ka haal


Did you think last week would be the week for you love life wise? Well, hold on, because this week is going to be a complete roller coaster for you. There are going to be ups, then downs, then twists, some crying, and even some laughing.



Relationship: For the first time in forever you are in a good place, well don’t get too happy because things come crashing down as fast as they build up. Trust me it is time to kick that piece of shit out of your life, you are so better without him/her. They were just using you and dominating you because their coward asses knew you could do so much better. Go get that dough all by yourself, you are better single and independent. *snaps all over*

Single: As for the already single folks out there, don’t chase after someone. Allow yourself to be the treasure others search for.




Relationship: I sense some warm and fuzzy feelings from your partner this week. You are going to let go and be so vulnerable in front of your partner, enough to make your partner finally understand who you are. You have always had a good relationship, pretty strong I would say, but there was always something missing. The lack of emotion and empathy for one another, but this week it will finally come through. Your feelings are valid, boo.

Single: If you’re single, you might want to stay single for just a bit longer. Your actions and words might be coming from a place of love, but that does not mean your potential partner’s are.




Relationship: You always find yourself forcing your partner out of the house pretty much everytime you want to do something, and well your partner never seems to want to get his/her lazy ass up. Fret no more, this week your partner will all of a sudden become the adventurous one. This is the best time to cross off a few things from your bucket list or possibly try something new in the bedroom.

Single: Whether you are the damsel in distress or the prince that turned into a frog, your soulmate is going to lend a hand. The person lending a hand in your time of need will become someone really special to you and that too very very soon.




Relationship: You just know something is wrong this week, but you can’t really pinpoint what it is. Your partner is a little off and it’s really starting to get to you. This feeling isn’t going to magically go away, you are going to have to do some digging to get the answers you are searching for. Listen close my friend, let your heart tell you what’s wrong. Don’t ignore your instinct or intuition.

Single: Love does not make sense, it isn’t calculated and there are no right answers. If you are not prepared for the uncertainty, then it is best you stay out of the battlefield for a bit.




Relationship: Pleasure and romance are in store for you this week. Your partner’s stars are also aligned in the same place and oh wow it’s already getting steamy. You are going to have a lot of fun in many different activities this week, but this also comes with a great deal of commitment. Get intimate with the right person, because there are a lot of wrong people in the world as well.

Single: You have been so patient with your romantic life, for it has come time to break out. You can finally explore and test out the field, so don’t make a rash decision.




Relationship: The ever so shy and practical Virgo is going to be speaking from the heart this week. You are going to be so poetic and romantic with your words this week, and your partner will have no problem with it whatsoever. You’ll have no problem speaking the language of love.

Single: Get out of your comfort zone and mingle a little to finally make a suitable connection.




Relationship: Your partner has always been your number one fan and he/she truly supports the success you have achieved. This week your partner is going to make sure all of your dreams and wishes come true because you so deserve them after the rough few weeks you’ve had. He/she will brighten your day in ways you did not expect.

Single: Go live it up with your friends this week, no use in looking for love.




Relationship: Sparks are flying and you two are just a beam of love this week. You are ready to take it a little further and I don’t blame you, your partner is the cutest thing ever. You are at the perfect intersection so don’t cross it too fast, because good things don’t always come around more than once.

Single: If you’re still struggling in the love department, your stars are finally in your court. You are going to meet the person of your dreams and this person is going to fall so very hard for you as well.




Relationship: You and your partner have always had a strong physical connection, but the emotional aspect lacks a little bit. Don’t worry your physical connection might be enough to get you emotionally connected as well. Being able to speak about intimate moments will make you understand each other on a whole different level. Be open and honest.

Single: The power of love is very strong in your life at the moment and it is taking up all aspects of your life. Listen to it and fall in love, because there is no greater thing.




Relationship: Emotions are going to be at an all-time high this week. There will be so many tears, but all in a good way. You will reach a point in your relationship at which your partner is able to disclose every single aspect of their life with you and you are so down to listen to all of it.  Your partner has finally let their guard down and you could not be more excited.

Single: Don’t be afraid of losing a friendship, if things don’t work out romantically then they weren’t meant to work out platonically either.




Relationship: You are in a new relationship and you two are still getting to know each other. There is a lot of learning that needs to take place between the two of you, but good news is everything is going really smooth. A little too smooth for your liking, but don’t be afraid. Enjoy the conversations and laughs you share this week because you will remember them forever.

Single: If you are actively looking for love then allow yourself to fall in it too. Don’t be scared to commit, love does exist.




Relationship: You are going to take a huge step in your relationship this week. You might want to start trying to have a baby or possibly take your relationship to the next level, all is well that ends well. Let me be the first to congratulate you on this new chapter.

Single: Don’t be afraid and just take the step, single doesn’t suit you.


So how right was I this week about your love life?


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